White Tinder User Goes On Racist Rant After Asian Woman Takes Too Long To Reply

UPDATE (6:32 PM ET): Reps for Tinder have stated in an open letter that Nick Vevodi, the white man in this story, has been banned from the service for life following his crude, racist diatribe. This post has been edited to reflect this development.

A white man looking for love on Tinder has now possibly lost the girl of his dreams and the courage to show his face online after a friend of the woman posted his racist reaction to being ignored on the internet.

Twenty-four-year-old Oakland native Nick Vevodi reportedly boasted himself as being quite the catch on the romance-themed app, as Next Shark explains, due to his love of dogs and being a supposed hiking enthusiast who received a degree after attending the University of California, Santa Barbara at some point before signing up.


After being matched with an Asian-American woman by the service, Vevodi allegedly struck up a conversation with the romantic hopeful which, as shown through screen grabs of the interaction, started off friendly and contained an admirable mix of respectful banter and light flirtation.

“We should grab a drink tonight,” Nick apparently says at one point.

“Okay, I’m down,” follows the woman’s reply.

The possibility of the date then leads Nick to give her his direct location in San Francisco.

“Do you normally give out your address so freely,” she asks.

“Yes,” Vevodi responds.

“I’m a 6’2 guy that works out. What’s going to happen?”

What incidentally happened during a latter conversation after the date was a display of the woman’s disinterest in Nick, which in turn, caused the white Vevodi to rage and spew racist, disgusting vulgarities at the Asian-American Tinder user for seemingly using him.

“You ch*nks are all the same, such a waste of time,” Vevodi texted.

“Next time, don’t give out your number, you dumb c**t.”

After mocking her nationality, the white Nick then spun away from making racist connotations and ripped on her physical appearance.

“You look like you’d melt in the heat,” the angry man stated.

“Wear less make-up.”

Once the woman finally responds, it turns out that the change in Nick’s attitude transpired less than a day after they first interacted in person.

“It has literally been 24 hours [since we’ve gone out],” she fires back at Vevodi, “[which is] not a crazy amount of time for someone not to text back. We’ve been on one date. I’m not upset [with you], but I think it’s time to tag out — wish you all the best.”

As one might guess, Nick took the news about as badly as expected.

“Posting Snap[chat updates] and ignoring texts [are things that] most people would classify [with] being a b**ch,” he responded.

An associate of the Asian Tinder user, Kevin Tran, would go on to share the private chat between his friend and Vevodi on his Facebook, while also claiming that he and Nick also had personal history that stretched back to their days at USBC.

“I met this guy in college and he seemed like a decent guy,” Tran expressed.

“Over the weekend, he matched a friend of mine on Tinder and they exchanged messages. When she didn’t respond immediately, he lost it and left a bunch of nasty messages. I called him out on it, he denied [everything], and [then] proceeded to block me on all [his] social media [platforms].”

white tinder racist
Several Tinder users claimed to have interacted with a white Santa Barbara man who made racist comments to an Asian-American woman on the app. [Image by mrtom-uk/iStock]

As the story of Vevodi’s Tinder rant spread, other female users of the app reached out to Tran and communicated that they, too, were victims of his racially-imbued vitriol after they refused to give him any more of their undivided attention.

“Since posting this, several women have revealed their own encounters with him and others like him,” Kevin expressed.

“We don’t have to put up with this. As a man and as a [person of color], we can’t let this stand. If you know Nick Vevodi, unfriend him.”

In an ironic twist, they may not have to: since being exposed online, the racist white Tinder user has appeared to have either temporarily or permanently shut down all of his social media accounts, including the one he had posted on the dating app.

[Featured Image by Leon Neal/Getty Images]