Jill Kelley $80 Million Request While Bragging About Petraeus Connection

Jill Kelley allegedly made a $80 million request while bragging about her Petraeus connection. Adam Victor, president and CEO of TransGas Development Systems, is a New York businessman who was managing a multi-billion-dollar Korean business deal related to coal gasification plants. Victor met Kelley at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August. According to ABC News, Jill Kelley tried to use her relationship with General David Petraeus as a bargaining chip, saying that Petraeus had arranged for her to become an honorary consul for South Korea in order to promote free trade.

“Ms. Kelley made it clear to me that General Petraeus put her in this position, and that’s why she was able to have access to such senior levels [of the Korean government],” said Victor, “that they were essentially doing a favor for General Petraeus, and that she had access solely because of her relationship with General Petraeus.”

While Victor thought it made sense to have a trusted aide in charge of promoting free trade, trouble came when when Kelley named her fee for brokering the deal. The entire deal was worth $4 billion and Kelley wanted an astounding two percent cut. “That’s an $80 million fee,” Victor said. “And I mean that is problematic . . . No broker gets $80 million. I mean that’s two whole orders of magnitude higher than what they would get.”

Victor said he “terminated the relationship” when Kelley made the $80 million request.

“It became clear that it did not smell right. General Petraeus should not have put an inexperienced person in charge of the Free Trade Agreement with such an important ally as South Korea,”Victor said, adding that he was disappointed that General Petraeus had supposedly made Kelley an honorary consul. “Frankly, I blame General Petraeus for this as a lapse of judgment. The general should have known better. It’s a sad day for the country. General Petraeus has served this country well.”

While ABC News could not get Jill Kelley to comment on the $80 million request, retired Army Col. Steve Boylan defended ex-CIA Director Petraeus, saying it was “nonsense” that Petraeus held any blame for Kelley’s alleged $80 million request. “He knows nothing about it,” Boylan claims. “What other people do he can’t control.” ABC News says that Petraeus had asked Kelley to stop using his name to get favors.

Besides the Kelley $80 million request, Kelley is accused of running a bogus charity allegedly to fund political parties all the while living a lavish lifestyle. Meanwhile, the Petraeus affair has caught media attention, distracting from the Petraeus testimony on the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

What do you think about the investigations of the Kelley and Petraeus connection; gossipy waste of time or hints of further corruption in the CIA under Petraeus’ direction?