'Teen Mom 2' Star Javi Marroquin 'Furious' Over Kailyn Lowry's Pregnancy News

Kailyn Lowry didn't tell Javi Marroquin about her third pregnancy until she confirmed the news on social media last week. With their relationship already strained over the divorce, the latest bombshell has pushed Marroquin over the edge.

An inside source told Radar Online that Lowry still hasn't talked with Marroquin about the pregnancy. After confirming the news on her blog, Lowry reportedly talked to ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera but failed to call Marroquin.

"Someone told Javi about it," an insider revealed. "We knew because she kept hiding her stomach. He was pissed off."

Lowry talked with Rivera because she believed they could have a civil conversation about the topic. The same doesn't hold true with Marroquin, which is why Lowry withheld the information. Unfortunately, Marroquin's reaction wasn't what Lowry expected and is creating an even bigger problem as the two work out their divorce.

"Why is Jo any better to know than Javi?" the source shared. "Javi had a right to know. This is going to be Lincoln's other sibling! It's hard to watch Javi go through all these things."

Marroquin currently has a good relationship with Lowry and Rivera's son, Isaac, and his own boy, Lincoln. He is worried, however, that the same won't be true with Lowry's new child. Even worse, the source doesn't think Marroquin will accept the third baby in the same way he did his stepson.

Despite all the bad news, Marroquin has remained positive on social media. Shortly after Lowry confirmed the shocking news, Marroquin told Teen Mom fans on Twitter that the family would make it through in one piece.

"The boys will be okay on our end I promise," he stated. "My son, follow your dreams. I'll pick up the pieces for you. Love, your dad."

In Touch Weekly reports that the pregnancy is particularly surprising because the two divorced over the issue of expanding the family. Marroquin wanted to have more kids while Lowry told him no. It still isn't clear what changed Lowry's mind, but she clearly is fine with having more kids, as long as it isn't with Marroquin.

Lowry later admitted that she decided to not have children because of her broken marriage. She didn't want to bring a third child into a relationship that was having so many problems.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Lowry is currently in the middle of the second trimester. Although it isn't known for certain, that puts the due date at around June. It also means that the baby was conceived back in September, around the same time the current season of Teen Mom 2 was in production.

Marroquin and Lowry were having a lot of fights at the time, so that likely rules him out of the picture as being the dad. That doesn't, however, mean Lowry has given up on Marroquin. In fact, while fans took their sides on the issue, Lowry cautioned everyone that she and Marroquin were focusing on the children.

"Too bad there shouldn't be teams... unless it's teamisaacandlincoln. Javi & I will hopefully be united one day," Lowry wrote on social media.

There's no telling what Lowry meant when she said united. It could mean that she and Marroquin on working on salvaging their marriage, but it could also hint that they are willing to co-parent their kids through the nasty divorce.

Whatever the truth, Radar Online reports that we still don't know the identity of Lowry's third baby. Multiple theories have surfaced, though Lowry's publicist, Casi Densmore-Koon, revealed that the dad is a friend Lowry was romantically seeing at the time.

Fans can watch the drama unfold when new episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Mondays on MTV.

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