'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Robert Kirkman Dropping Hints About Who Will Die Next?

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman gets a lot of questions from fans about which characters are going to die. However, while Kirkman claims the inquisitions are annoying, he has found an interesting way to combat the questions. Robert, who writes the comic books, which is the original source material for the series, is also a producer on the show. Kirkman claims that he likes to have fun with the fans by telling them all kinds of information about storylines. However, the catch is that most of it isn't true.

According to Comic Book, Robert Kirkman likes to play with the emotions of Walking Dead fans. The creator recently told Conan O'Brien that he has "a lot of fun" messing with viewers who ask him questions about upcoming plots for the show and/or comic book series. Kirkman says he loves to throw off fans and interviewers alike by giving false information about who will die next. Robert says he'll just spout out a name and tell people that a random character is set to die, even when it's not true. Although, the creator of the comic book series says that when he gives the name of a character that is going to die, he's actually giving fans a hint. "If I answer the question that means that person's definitely not dying," Robert claims.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Who will die in the mid-season finale?
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"That's the key. And I get people that are mad at me cause I poke fun like that but I'm just like guys im throwing you a bone. If I answer the question that means that person's definitely not dying."
This means that if Walking Dead fans hear Robert Kirkman say that Michonne is dying, it's a good possibility that she's probably safe for the foreseeable future. These hints might be subtle, and not all that helpful, but many viewers will take anything they can get in the way of spoilers. However, knowing that Kirkman loves to toy with the fans, he might actually give the correct answer to that question someday, and fans will be shocked when another main character is killed off.

Most recently, The Walking Dead has killed off two central characters. Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford were revealed to be Negan's victims in the Season 7 premiere. The episode was one of the most graphic, violent, and shocking in the show's history, but didn't come as much of a surprise to fans who have read the comic book series.

Walking Dead season 7 mid-season finale spoilers.
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Meanwhile, another big death is expected in this week's mid-season finale. The Walking Dead fans have been giving their opinions on who they think will kick the bucket in the last episode of 2016, and all signs seem to be pointing to the character of Spencer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Spencer is the character who is next to die in the comic book series. He has been fighting against Rick's wishes since Negan's first attack on the group and believes that he would make a better leader for the people of Alexandria. In the comics, Spencer asks Negan to kill Rick and let him become the leader. Negan thinks Spencer to be weak and guts him inside the walls of Alexandria. This storyline could very well be played out in Sunday's all-new episode as Negan is in Alexandria, and he's already agitated by Carl's impromptu visit to The Sanctuary.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Do you think Robert Kirkman really drops hints about character deaths, or just loves messing with the fans? Who do you think Negan will kill in the mid-season finale on Sunday night?

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