WWE News: Former TNA Star Matt Hardy Drops Huge Hint That He’s Headed To WWE

Former TNA Star Matt Hardy has been in the news for a year now, making waves throughout the pro-wrestling scene but could he be headed back to the WWE? As we all heard by now, both Matt and brother Jeff Hardy left TNA after some major contract disputes and disrespect on TNA’s part. It was a huge blunder by management to lose their top act, as well as other top men throughout the talent roster. However, losing Matt Hardy was huge as he could be a star anywhere.

Due to basically reinventing his career, he reportedly caught the attention of WWE Talent Executive Triple H. The Game had already been interested in bringing Jeff Hardy back when he was ready to return, but Matt Hardy was a question mark. That was until his character exploded and became so popular that there was no way to ignore it. That was when the Hardy brothers returning to WWE became a very popular trend. However, the pair had hoped to stick with TNA despite this.

As we know now, the TNA cards are out of play, so WWE is a logical choice for the pair to end up. However, New Japan Pro-Wrestling pays just as well, if not better than WWE for talent at his age. Matt also gets a lot of offers to work on the independent scene, where he is also paid well for his time. That also being said, the broken characters could always be used in the indies, but there might be a problem trying to get them on WWE programming.

Matt and Jeff Hardy
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TNA has claimed that the characters were their property, but it is said by the Hardy camp that Matt came up with them and allowed TNA the right to use them until he left the company. This meant that Matt Hardy felt they were his creations; therefore he owned the rights to them. As of now, this is in dispute, but it does seem as if Matt Hardy may have the chance to keep the rights to his creations.

Regardless of whether or not Matt Hardy gets to keep his creations, it does seem like a WWE run is possible. Matt made a lot of people wonder about this even more as of late when he responded to Bray Wyatt. He found a tweet from back in December in which Bray told Hardy that he knows where to find the Wyatt Family. This was at a time when they had a small exchange. Hardy went back to the past to then tweet back to Wyatt.

Of course, this was in response to Randy Orton officially turning on Bray Wyatt on WWE SmackDown Live last night. It is odd for Hardy to go back in time just to take a dig at Bray Wyatt when he could have just made a random comment at any point. Rather, he decided to make sure to get the attention of Bray Wyatt and make sure people knew about it.

Matt Hardy
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As of now, the plan for Wyatt is to face Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33 despite AJ Styles winning the #1 contender match last night against former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper. This match was done, as well as the battle royal the previous week, because Orton decided not to face Bray so he could get the “keys to the kingdom.” Of course, this was done so that Randy could get the keys and literally burn the place to the ground.

With Orton now claiming he does want to face Wyatt at WrestleMania, the plans for AJ Styles have changed, and we’ll see this play out for the next number of weeks on WWE SmackDown Live. It is rumored Orton will win at WrestleMania, and it is believed AJ Styles will get his shot against Orton a little after WrestleMania. Meanwhile, Wyatt needs someone to work with, and there may be no better guy to use than Matt Hardy at this point.

Both Hardy’s are free to sign with any wrestling promotion as they do not have a no compete clause attached to their former TNA deals. On top of this, neither have accepted bookings past April. Matt Hardy also mentioned the Hardy’s shop site would be closing as well. With all of this known, it appears that a WWE return is going to happen, and it’s just a matter of when.

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