Robert De Niro Tells Twitter Trolls To ‘Eat Sh** And Die’ Over Mean Tweets

It turns out Robert De Niro has a low tolerance for criticism, as was proven when he participated in a round of Mean Tweets, while appearing as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently. The actor, who is best known for playing mobsters in such films as Goodfellas, The Godfather: Part II, and Casino, let loose a string of profanities, as he responded to a series of tweets posted by De Niro’s own trolls. Robert’s uncensored responses come only a short time after he publicly criticized wife Grace Hightower for overspending and forcing him to take on more films to pay for her purchases.

Robert De Niro Tells His Trolls Just How He Feels On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Robert De Niro, Mean Tweets
Robert De Niro fires back at internet troll over mean tweets. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show, Robert De Niro shared his usual no nonsense attitude while reading and responding to mean tweets, according to E! News. Whether Robert was faced with trolls criticizing his age or his appearance, the veteran actor had something to say in response, mostly uttering a F*** you” amid his less than amused physical expressions.

“There are now two things visible from space: The Great Wall of China and Robert De Niro’s mole,” read one mean tweet.

“Who does this? Who are you? Are you some little f***ing 15 year old with nothing better to do with your life?” asked De Niro.

De Niro’s responses reached a climax when another Twitter user criticized Robert for his age and his roles in films about mobsters. For that remark, Robert tossed out another impassioned F-bomb, stirring giggles from the audience.

Still reeling from the previous tweet, De Niro continued on to the next one, which was just a generic insult aimed at the actor.

“Robert De Niro is not a good fella,” read the tweet. “He is a P.O.S.”

“You know what you can do,” De Niro fires back. “You can suck my c***, you f***ing scumbag!”

It might be stretching things a bit to say Robert made his comments in good clean fun, but the audience was certainly entertained. The roar of laughter, following that last response, proves Robert De Niro still has it, no matter what his age.

Robert De Niro’s Public Blowout At Wife Draws Attention To Her Failing Coffee Company

Robert De Niro, Grace Hightower
Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower are in the coffee business together, but it's costing them. [Image by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]

Five years ago, Robert De Niro’s wife, Grace Hightower, launched her dream company, Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda, a business that De Niro himself has invested in and remains linked to, along with his wife. Fox News reports that the coffee company has been consistently losing money, infuriating investors. Making matters worse, Grace seems incapable of making the day-to-day decisions necessary in running the business, reportedly changing her mind on a whim.

Witnesses at a Manhattan bar have reported that Robert had reached his limit with Hightower during a public meeting. While it couldn’t be confirmed whether or not Robert and Grace were discussing the coffee company specifically, it was obvious that the couple had been arguing over finances.

“I wouldn’t have to keep making s**tty movies if you didn’t spend all my money!” De Niro shouted, according to sources.

Robert’s outburst references a trend observed by comedians in their stand-up routines, which questions why someone of De Niro’s stature would attach himself to low brow comedies and unsatisfying dramas. While Mr. De Niro is known for his iconic roles in such films as Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, and The Godfather: Part II, those critical and financial successes have been offset by more questionable roles in Dirty Grandpa, Grudge Match, and The Intern.

Ms. Hightower’s own representatives assert that nothing could be further from the truth, sharing that Grace’s coffee is served in a variety of hotels and restaurants, including Ace Hotel, the Breslin, Salvation Burger, Salvation Taco, White Gold, the Williamsburg Hotel, and the De Niro-owned Greenwich Hotel and the Nobu.

[Featured Image by D Dipasupil/Getty Images]