'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3 Spoilers: 'FTWD' Synopsis And Photos Released

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 will not premiere until summer 2017. However, AMC networks released the synopsis along with three photos to tide fans over until then. What will happen when the characters return?

FTWD spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what to expect when the apocalyptic series returns.

'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3 Spoilers: 'FTWD' Synopsis And Photos Released
What has Strand done on 'Fear The Walking Dead'? [Image by Michael Desmond/AMC]

During the Season 2 finale, Travis (Cliff Curtis) forced information out of his son's "friends." Unfortunately, he found out that his son was killed after a car crash because his injuries made him a liability. So, Travis killed the two young men, but also managed to murder a hotel guest. The victim's brother ended up wanting revenge, which forced Travis, Madison, and Alicia to flee from the hotel.

AMC networks released the synopsis for FTWD Season 3. Where will the characters be when the show returns in a few months?

"As Fear The Walking Dead returns for Season 3, our families will be brought together in the vibrant and violent ecotone of the U.S.-Mexico border. International lines done away with following the world's end, our characters must attempt to rebuild not only society, but family as well. Madison has reconnected with Travis, her apocalyptic partner, but Alicia has been fractured by her murder of Andres. Madison's son mere miles from his mother, Nick's (Frank Dillane) first action as a leader saw Luciana (Danay Garcia) ambushed by an American militia group — the couple escaped death, but Nick no longer feels immortal. Recovering both emotionally and physically, Strand has his sights set on harnessing the new world's currency, and Ofelia's (Mercedes Mason) captivity will test her ability to survive and see if she can muster the savagery of her father."
In addition to the synopsis, three photos were also released. They don't reveal any major FTWD Season 3 spoilers, but they do bring up some questions. The first image is of Strand. He has blood all over his hands. He appears to be in deep thought, but at the same time, has a look of regret or possibly guilt. What exactly happened at the hotel after Travis, Madison, and Alicia left? Is that blood of the undead or did it belong to a human being?

The second photo features Nick and Luciana. They appear to be underground and as Nick is looking up, Luciana is screaming. They have their arms around each other. While Luciana appears to be in anguish, Nick doesn't look calm. Judging from the look on his face, he is worried and scared.

'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3 Spoilers: 'FTWD' Synopsis And Photos Released
What will happen to Nick and Luciana in 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3? [Image by Michael Desmond/AMC]

Finally, the third picture features Travis and Madison. They are outside at some sort of shipping or warehouse facility. They are standing close to one another and Travis has his hands wrapped around Madison's, as if he is holding them close to his heart. They are either taking a moment to cherish that the other is alive or they could be getting ready to separate again. Last year, showrunner Dave Erickson was asked by Entertainment Weekly what can be expected from Travis in Season 3.

'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3 Spoilers: 'FTWD' Synopsis And Photos Released
What can 'FTWD' fans expect from Travis and Madison in 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3? [Image by Michael Desmond/AMC]

"Travis was the moral compass of the show to a large degree — and frustratingly so, at times, for the audience. But it was always with an eye toward this moment. The one thing he promised Liza was that he would protect Chris, and he's failed to do that. The apocalypse has taken his son, and it's about to take him as well. So, he's absolutely broken, and we've seen a level of violence with him that we have not witnessed before. And it's not something that he's going to bounce back from. We took our time getting there with Travis, but he will be fully apocalyptic now, as we move forward."
What do you think of the synopsis and photos for Fear The Walking Dead Season 3? What do you predict will happen with Travis, Madison, Alicia, Nick, Luciana, and Strand?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC]