WWE Rumors: Former TNA And WWE Star Set For Huge Return, But With Which Company?

A former star in both TNA Impact Wrestling and WWE has confirmed that he will soon be back to wrestle on a weekly televised wrestling program. Right now, there is a lot of coming and going among both of these major domestic companies, but which promotion is this returning superstar going to head back to? The man known as "The Blueprint" is trying to cause a bit of a frenzy in the wrestling community, and it is working.

Matt Morgan has spent time wrestling around the world as he has worked for WWE, TNA, on the independent scene, and even for companies in Japan and Europe. After being in the business for more than a decade, he retired and moved onto other things in his life, but no-one really ever walks that far away from the ring.

Two weeks ago, he shared an image on Twitter that immediately had people talking, but he kept it very vague.

As you can see, he is teasing a return to the ring, but he won't say with which promotion. In his hashtags, Morgan names WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and NXT, and he ends it all with "Don't call it a comeback."

No one really knew much more than that, but Matt Morgan has taken the time to speak with Wrestling Inc., and he revealed a bit more information. He let the world know that he has had an extremely busy schedule.

"I'm trying to balance like 300 things here and still make this show. Not that I'm complaining, [but] I'm working 9 to 5 absolutely crushing sh-t. I'm getting ready for a men's physique show in June and we're cutting down my carbs, which makes me cranky and I've still got to hit the gym every night and not miss any nights whatsoever, including tonight. [Then I have to] get home, watch RAW and somehow get on this show!"
So, his schedule has kept him from being a part of the podcast for a while, but he did mention that he likes watching Monday Night Raw each week. After that, he sort of slipped in a bombshell announcement that was a bit unexpected.
"Oh yeah, P.S., I'm making my return to weekly broadcast television wrestling for a specific company - I'm not going to name names now - [but it will be] very, very soon. All that is going on, and yet here I still am!"
Yes, Matt Morgan is heading back to the ring, but he won't say with which company and that has all of the fans wondering. The last time he was in WWE was back in 2005 and he only spent a few years with that promotion. His longest stint was with Impact Wrestling which was from 2007 until 2013 before a one-time return in 2015.

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[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

One final thing he revealed is that when asked how soon he will be seen back in the ring, Morgan said that it would be "in the next four weeks."One thing to make note of when looking at his timeframe is that it falls right before or after WrestleMania 33 on April 2.

Matt Morgan had pretty much given up on wrestling and he wanted to retire after a one-off deal in 2015 that allowed his son to see him wrestle. Since then, he really hasn't been heard from or seen, but things always change in this business. Now, "The Blueprint" has confirmed that he will return to a weekly wrestling television show in just a few weeks, but which one? It could be TNA Impact Wrestling or it could be WWE or it could be a few others from around the world, but only time will tell.

[Featured Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]