'This Is Us' Schedule Shift, Spoilers: Episode 17 Pushed Out, What's Ahead?

This Is Us spoilers have teased that there are still big things on the way heading into the Season 1 finale, but fans are going to have to hang tight this week due to a schedule change. Episode 17 was originally slated to air on Tuesday, February 28, but now it has been pushed out a week, as has Episode 18 which is the finale. What's the scoop?

Last week, viewers watched as William died hearts broke everywhere. TV Guide notes that Episode 17 is titled "What Now?" and the Pearson family will gather at Randall and Beth's for what This Is Us spoilers tease is a rather unusual party. It seems likely that this will be a gathering to mourn William's passing, and the next show has plenty regarding Kevin, Sophie, Kate, and Toby as well. There are also some flashbacks incorporated that look back to the time when Rebecca went off on tour, a decision that generated a lot of conflict and tension with Jack.

While Episode 17 was originally slated to air this Tuesday, President Donald Trump's address to Congress is taking place Tuesday night. Trump's address will be televised on most stations and thus NBC had to bump the originally scheduled This Is Us episode out a week. As TVLine confirmed, NBC is pushing everything out rather than broadcast an episode late at night or otherwise put viewers in the difficult position of scrambling to find the broadcast or perhaps miss it.

Milo Ventmiglia and Mandy Moore play Jack and Rebecca Pearson on 'This Is Us'
Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore's Jack and Rebecca face tensions on 'This Is Us' [Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

"What Now?" will air on Tuesday, March 7 and the Season 1 finale will then air on Tuesday, March 14. Very little has been revealed about that finale at this point, but people are expecting to learn more about Jack Pearson's death. Actor Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, has teased This Is Us spoilers indicating that more will be revealed soon, but Hartley shares that he doesn't think anybody has guessed quite right on how Jack dies. Viewers know that this death will be heartbreaking, but Hartley teases that it's going to be perhaps even more emotional than people expect.

Viewers should learn quite a bit more about how Milo Ventimiglia's Jack dies before Season 1 wraps this spring, but, show creator Dan Fogelman has shared that a quite a bit regarding this Pearson tragedy will be held over until Season 2. NBC has already renewed the series for two more seasons and the cast and crew seem quite excited about what is yet to come.

Justin Hartley plays Kevin Pearson on 'This Is Us'
Justin Hartley's Kevin is anxious to woo back Sophie on NBC's 'This Is Us' [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Can Kevin and Sophie successfully reunite? Will Randall's health suffer again in the wake of William's death? What is it about Jack's death that was so traumatizing for Kate that she can't talk about it, and will she and Toby manage to keep their relationship on track?

Fans have been sharing theories and speculation about what lies ahead for all of the Pearson family members, and people are thrilled that NBC has given the green light for at least two more seasons. Obviously, there is quite a bit more to learn yet about how Rebecca ends up with Miguel, how Jack dies and why it's impacted Kate so hard, and what else is on the way for Kevin and Randall. Unfortunately, it sounds as if many of these answers will be left hanging until at least next fall.

There may be no new episode of This Is Us airing on Tuesday, February 28, due to President Donald Trump's address to Congress being televised, but it's back with new shows on both March 7 and March 14 as the Pearson family faces what comes next. How do you think Jack dies and what leads to Rebecca and Miguel getting married?

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