Sarah Silverman Slams Motherhood And Twitter Fires Back

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman recently spoke about making a personal choice to pursue her career to the exclusion of starting a family, which is certainly a valid life choice, but one which has raised the anger of the online community. More specifically, the working mothers among Silverman's fans have made clear their taking offense to the insinuation that one cannot have a family and a successful career. In expressing her own feelings on the matter, Sarah has raised a firestorm that may not be quelled easily and certainly not without Silverman alienating a strong portion of her female fans.

Wreck-It Ralph Star Sarah Silverman Reveals Why She Never Had Children

Sarah Silverman, working moms
Sarah Silverman alienates working moms with her thoughts on motherhood. [Image by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images]

As E! News reports, Sarah Silverman recently explained why it's harder for women to make it on the stand-up comic circuit than it is for men. One particular reason has to do with women wanting it all, says Silverman, explaining that many female stand-up comics try to balance a career with having a family. It complicates matters unnecessarily in Sarah's opinion.

"As a comic always working & on the road I have had to decide between motherhood & living my fullest life & I chose the latter. Men don't have to do that. I'd so love to be a fun dad, coming home from the road & being my best fun dad self," Silverman wrote in a series of tweets. "So this is just a lil f**k all y'all bc u can't be a woman w/out sacrifice & that's the fact jack."

While it may seem Sarah harbors secret hate toward the male comics out there, she says nothing could be further from the truth. Silverman loves her "comedian brothers" and says most male stand-ups do acknowledge the tougher demands that the business puts on women.

Silverman adds that she has always wanted a family and expresses a deep adoration for babies and children, but says she has always felt inadequate to the task. Sarah evaluates her small apartment and how it would change to accommodate a new baby with the guest room becoming her child's bedroom. Silverman says she becomes overwhelmed with the responsibility that having a baby would entail, suggesting that, even in thought, a new baby would curtail her career ambitions.

Twitter Slams Sarah Silverman For Mom Bashing

Sarah Silverman, mother
Sarah Silverman defends her decision not to have children. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

According to TheBlaze, career-minded mothers have taken offense to Silverman's views on working moms, feeling as though Sarah was suggesting that working moms were somehow incapable of being a good parent and successful in their chosen career paths. Among the first to call Silverman out on her views was columnist and mother Ada Slivinski, who tweeted back at Sarah that becoming a mother has been the most rewarding experience of her life.

"That's beautiful, Ada! Living my fullest life is different than u living urs is all. I'm jus talkin bout me & people like me," Ms. Silverman tweeted in response.

Another working mom, Janet Lee Nye, emphasized that Silverman's remarks should have been more specific to her situation, adding that she read "mom bashing" in Sarah's tweets, whether that was intended or not.

Mom bashing wasn't the only cause for concern over Silverman's recent tweets. Many men also took offense over Sarah's insinuation that it's somehow easier to be a father, with her tweets suggesting men take their parenting responsibilities less seriously than women.

"Being away from your kid is a sacrifice no matter what your gender. As a dad I don't think of fatherhood so casually," Hal Sparks tweeted.

Sarah Silverman has previously spoken about her choice to put her career before having children, expressing that she does love children, but not enough to sacrifice her own personal happiness and career ambitions.

"It's a sadness for me because I love kids. I ache for kids," said 46-year-old Silverman. "But I love my life more. You can't have it all; you really can't."

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