Barron Trump's School Confronts Secret Service Over Upheaval That Students And Parents Are Experiencing

Barron Trump's school confronted the Secret Service in a meeting on Monday over the upheaval students and their parents are enduring due to the president-elect's son attending classes there. Parents are unsettled, and many are terrified their children are prime targets for an attack by ISIS or another group. Donald Trump has said one of the best avenues in defeating ISIS is to "take out their families," and the parents fear Barron's school could be a target.

Heat Street reports that the elite school Barron Trump attends, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Upper West Manhattan, has had several disruptions imposed on it because America's next first son is still attending the facility. Barron and his mother, Melania Trump, intend to remain in New York City until he finishes out his fourth-grade year in June of 2017. The two are presumably moving to Washington, D.C., next summer.

To say the least, Barron's presence at the school has created some pandemonium among the parents and school staff. More than 200 people were in attendance at the meeting that included school officials and Secret Service representatives. Panicked parents shared their grievances with the Secret Service over safety concerns.

Sources informed Heat Street that a steady presence of Secret Service agents both inside and outside Barron's school have culminated in frustration for teachers due to the intrusion. Prior to the presidential election, the school was contending with neighborhood complaints about the number of SUVs dropping off and picking up students each day. New restrictions were implemented that included prohibiting left turns near the facility, banning vehicles from crossing into a bike lane and placing a speed bump near the building. Barron's Secret Service detail is only exacerbating the situation.

Barron Trump's school has safety concerns over his presence at the facility [Image by AP Photo/Paul Sancya].
Barron Trump's school has safety concerns over his presence at the facility. [Image by Paul Sancya/AP Images]

One parent at the meeting described the Secret Service officers' responses as "evasive."

School officials tried reassuring alarmed parents that more money would be invested into security, but they worry this means they'd be forking out more money. Tuition at the school is around $46,000 a year, ranking it as the most expensive school in New York City.

A separate safety concern has involved threats from a tween gang known as Money Comes First. It's described as "a Crips-affiliated outfit which operates steps from Barron's school." The gang has been known for years to target wealthy students at Barron's school by stealing their smartphones and other belongings when they leave class at the end of the day. Money Comes First's larger known gang violence has also been tied to stabbings and shootings in the area. It was only a week ago that a nanny was knocked down and mugged while she was pushing a stroller. The incident occurred only one block from Barron Trump's school. The alleged suspects were arrested, but it hasn't been confirmed if they're connected to Money Comes First.

As reported by the Inquisitr, a petition signed by many New York residents want Melania Trump to move out of the area and into the White House when her husband is inaugurated. The cost for security will cost about $1 million a day for Secret Service and NYPD protection as long as Melania and Barron Trump remain in the city.

As for Barron Trump's schooling, it's undetermined if he'll be enrolled at a private school in Washington, D.C. There's a vast selection of schools in the immediate area of the White House that are experienced with the protocol of protecting children of the U.S. president.

It was reported recently that the Trumps want to keep Barron in New York because the election has been hard on him and they don't want to add to his stress by relocating him in the middle of the school year. It remains to be seen if they'll opt for a private school in Washington, D.C., after next summer. Teachers, students, and parents at Barron Trump's school in New York are forced to cope with the inconvenience of Secret Service and other protective measures in the meantime.

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