Metallica Offers Huge Prizes To Fans Via All Within My Hands Foundation

Despite their rough and rugged exterior, Metallica has always been a band that is interested in giving back. From Metallica's annual contributions to the MusiCares MAP fund, to their Bridge School Benefit appearances, to their offering a large reward for a missing fan, Metallica has proven time and again that their hearts are in the right place.

And now Metallica is doing it again.

Earlier today, Metallica issued an email to its Fifth Members (what the band call its fan club) reminding them about this summer's stadium tour (as if any Metallica fan had forgotten about it). Additionally, the email reminded Metallica fans that they could enter to win some pretty amazing prizes by donating 10 bucks to the band's All Within My Hands Foundation.

All Within My Hands Foundation
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Here's the statement regarding the foundation from the email.

"We want to share our good fortune and give back to the communities who have supported us for so many years along with encouraging more participation from our fans and friends. We've started the All Within My Hands Foundation to accomplish these goals and all funds raised will be donated to a cross section of national, local and Bay Area charities that the individual band members support along with continuing to donate to music education programs and local food banks. Your donations will assist thousands throughout the U.S."
Diehard Metallica fans will pick up immediately that "All Within my Hands" is the name of a song off of Metallica's 2003 album, St. Anger. So, you've already bought a ticket to one of Metallica's Hardwired Worldwide stadium shows coming up this summer, what does an extra $10 donation give you the chance to win?

According to the Metallica Fifth Member email, the huge grand prize, picked from all entries from the entire tour, will be to "fly on a plane with one band member to a gig." Other top prizes include free tickets to "a pair of the best seats in the house," backstage passes to meet members of Metallica before the show, signed drumsticks that Lars Ulrich used on the tour, pre-show party passes that include entrance to the Memory Remains exhibit (a mini traveling museum that includes super rare items from Metallica's 35-plus year history), floor tickets, and Snake Pit Passes. Each entry is $10, and fans can enter as many times as they want.

Metallica's stadium tour kicks off in North America in Maryland on May 10, and will run through the summer to end in Edmonton, Alberta, on August 16. There are only 22 cities on this North American tour, which might seem to be a tad light when it comes to Metallica's history. Back during the "Black Album" days in the early '90s, Metallica toured the world for almost three years straight. Of course, the result of that Metallica tour was numerous divorces, growing alcoholism, and a deepening divide between band members.

All Within my Hands Foundation
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Now, however, Metallica seems to have learned from their past, and they're currently in a position where you don't have to play 300 shows per year. For the past few years, Metallica members have touted their new touring schedule, which Lars specified in an interview with The Ringer.

"If you look at the dates, you'll see that we don't do more than two weeks at a time. We'll do two weeks, then we'll go home for a couple weeks. Then we'll do two weeks, and we'll go home for a couple weeks. That way, it never feels like it's so long that you're going to fall off the deep end or that you're afraid of losing what's left of your sanity or whatever. We basically just do two-week increments. It's a way to keep it feeling fresh, so we don't burn ourselves out."
At 35 years into being one of the world's most recognizable rock bands, it seems you either learn a thing or two about yourself and your bandmates -- like Metallica has -- or you die trying.

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