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The video playlist above includes live streaming events featured by YouTube from multiple news sources such as CNN, Fox News and more. The playlist regularly updates and contains current, relevant videos from genres such as politics, news, religion, gaming, technology, sports, education, entertainment, and more. Those who are on the go and not in front of a television will find that watching live streaming events online has many advantages. As many of the videos featured are upcoming events, you can set reminders and get notified before an event goes live. In addition to the featured events above, check out the playlists below for more live streaming events and videos. You can watch live events 24/7 when they are available.

YouTube is your one-stop source for live streaming events. If you missed an event that you really wanted to watch and can’t find it on television, there’s a good chance you can watch it on demand through YouTube. In fact, YouTube has a playlist of recent live events that features popular videos that were live. As with the other playlists, this playlist updates automatically, so continue to check back and see what new videos have been added to the playlist. You can browse through the videos with the toggle bars in the upper left corner and easily choose between video streams.

Because the playlist is essentially a collection of recently aired videos, it is not categorized by genre but contains all popular videos that aired live. YouTube makes it easy to watch, like, and share popular events and keep track of channels that you like. Playlists also help you find new content and live broadcasters you may follow and receive notification from when they are live streaming.

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Finding upcoming live events is easy with YouTube. The playlist below is similar to the featured videos above as they let you set alerts for upcoming live streams. In this day and age, it can be difficult keeping track of major events, speeches, gaming news, conferences, and more. By simply browsing the upcoming live streams, you can easily find major events that you won’t want to miss. Red carpet events, presidential addresses, news conferences, sports games, educational engagements, animal specials, and more are all included. Just browse through the playlist to see what’s coming and make note of the date. You can set reminders with the click of a mouse button and receive email notifications before your preferred event streams live online.

One of the best advantages to watching live streaming events through YouTube is that it is free. There are some sporting events, movies, and television shows on Youtube that require pay, but the majority of video content is available to watch for free. Those who have cut the cable cord and don’t have access to cable television or even broadcast networks will find that there are plenty of ways to watch major, streaming events through YouTube. It’s also not uncommon to find live streams for cable broadcasts through YouTube. Sometimes it’s users who are broadcasting cable channels from home, but many premium cable channels will make special events online for free.

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Watch Upcoming Live Streaming Events Online

In addition to featured events, YouTube is an excellent source for live streaming world news. You can watch news from all over the world 24/7 and even find U.S. broadcasts that fit with your political thinking. As many in the media are slammed for being “fake news,” there is a growing selection of alternative media that has increased in popularity. You can watch live streaming events, world news broadcasts, or local, alternative news sources that feed your political ideologies for free. Check out the news playlist below for live streams that air 24/7.

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