Lala Kent Was Reportedly ‘Disrespectful’ To The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Film Crew

Lala Kent is being accused of acting like a diva on the set of Vanderpump Rules.

According to a new interview with her co-star Katie Maloney, Lala Kent attempted to quit the Bravo reality series during the show’s first episode after she and the cast came to blows at an OK! Magazine party in Los Angeles.

“I saw [Lala Kent] take her mic pack off,” Maloney recalled during a recent taping of the Pump Rules Podcast, which was shared by Reality Tea on February 27. “She ran away a couple times. I remember one time her going up to one of our camera guys and grabbing the camera, not throwing it down, but throwing out of her face.”

“That’s like a big, big no no. Our crew is amazing and a lot of them have been with us from the beginning or for the last few years. It’s really disrespectful,” Maloney said.

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Lala Kent joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules during Season 4 after landing a job as a hostess at SUR Restaurant in West Hollywood, which is co-owned by one of Bravo’s most famous stars, Lisa Vanderpump.

Although Lala Kent got along with some of the co-stars when she first began working at the restaurant during Season 4, she was later involved in a dispute with Jax Taylor after he shamelessly flirted with her during a dinner date with Kristen Doute and later feuded with Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute. Throughout the Season 4 drama, Lala Kent maintained a relationship with James Kennedy, and at one point, they entertained the idea of a romance.

By Season 5, Lala Kent’s relationships with her co-stars were nearly all strained, and while filming of Episode 1, as Maloney alleged, she attempted to quit her role on Vanderpump Rules.

“[I tried to quit] during the very first episode that everyone saw…. I tried to leave. That’s why in one of the clips my dress is unzipped,” she said during an interview with Us Weekly in December of last year. “I took my mic off and told them I was done and then something went on and then I tried to leave three other times, but they wouldn’t let me. So my exit was the day before the 4th of July. I got in my car, my Range Rover, that apparently was paid for by some man who I’ve never heard about or seen in my life. I jumped in my Range Rover and drove 10 hours to Utah, and my mom turned my phone off so no one could get ahold of me. … I basically started fresh when I got back to L.A.”

While Lala Kent did acknowledge that she attempted to quit during the first episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 5, she didn’t say a thing about her allegedly disrespectful behavior during her interview with Us Weekly.

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Lala Kent continued on to Us Weekly magazine, claiming that the speculation into the identity of her boyfriend, who has been rumored to be a married man, weighed heavily on her decision to cut ties with the show.

“I have a boyfriend who I’m madly in love with and this married man rumor that who knows where the f**k they pulled this out, whose a** it came out of, it’s just not worth it to me in any way shape or form,” she said. “I feel like my personal life is meant to be personal and I don’t have to share everything, even though they want to call it a reality TV show, this s**t is not real.”

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