Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Were Not Driven Apart Due To Scientology [Debunked]

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been the subject of numerous rumors over the past year that mainly focus on their supposed ultra-secretive romance. Until just recently, the truth as to whether Holmes and Foxx are even a couple was an entire mystery, seeing as the stars dismissed the rumors as false, with each stating that they are merely friends.

A reported trip to Cabo and a New Year's Eve spent hand-in-hand in Miami for the couple have made the romance seem like more of a fact than a rumor yet the status of Katie and Jamie is yet to be verified. Rumors as to the state of their relationship are taking on new life, nonetheless.

The claims have gone from speculation about the mysterious relationship and possible engagements to now alleging that the pair have been driven apart due to Scientology, the faith which is said to have destroyed Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's marriage.

Gossip Cop relays the ridiculous claim made by the National Enquirer, a publication known for beginning false stories about celebrities.

"According to the National Enquirer, Foxx and Holmes split up 'one month after he splashed out a whopping $35,000 on one night on Mexico to celebrate her birthday.' The often disproven tabloid alleges, 'Sources blamed Scientology [for] the break-up.' The publication then quotes a so-called 'source close to the actor' as claiming, 'Jamie is upset with Katie's constant paranoia about Scientology… He feels like if he can't protect Katie, then she'll never be safe. So at some point he had to give up,' adds the supposed Foxx insider."

The tabloid goes on to state measures that Holmes takes due to her supposed paranoia regarding Scientology, stating that the star is worried Scientologists will succeed in brainwashing her daughter, whom she shares with well-known Scientologist and Mission: Impossible actor Tom Cruise. Her biggest fear, according to the insider, is that Suri will be convinced to leave Katie.

"She's looking out the window all the time, and when she's not with Suri, Katie's checking every message. This isn't what Jamie signed on for," the tabloid's insider continues.

Although a trip to Mexico was headline news for the pair, Gossip Cop reminds that there was not actual eyewitness who reported on the apparent trip, and since the New Year's Eve sighting neither Katie nor Jamie have verified anything. To say that there has been a split between Katie and Jamie before getting confirmation of an actual relationship is a little bit ludicrous on its own. In addition, it is all fabrication that Holmes is paranoid to the point that she is risking ruining any relationship.

The National Enquirer is the culprit in initiating a number of false claims regarding Holmes and Foxx. The tabloid began the tale that the two had been secretly married. GC explains that this most recent story takes it one step too far by questioning Katie's sanity and claiming she is a paranoid mother, which is shameful.

Holmes is a loving mother to her little one and it is clear that she and Suri are healthy and happy. Tom Cruise is reportedly relatively absent from the lives of the two, but Katie has made a fantastic life for their little one and also continues to impress both onscreen and behind the camera.

The beauty currently stars as Jackie Kennedy in Kennedys: After Camelot and has taken on the role as director for one episode of the series. Holmes also made her directorial debut in film with the movie All We Had, as the New York Times recently shared.

Whether she and Foxx are an item or not, the two are clearly not interested in hearing any more about the claims. Surely if they are in a romance, they will make it known when they are good and ready.

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