Fox News Boss Roger Ailes: ‘We Have No Agenda’

Fox News President Roger Ailes feels like he’s beating a dead horse. When asked about controversial election coverage and the “fair and balanced” banner of the News Corp. network, Ailes insisted once again that Fox News doesn’t have an agenda.

The controversial news network generally boasts high ratings, and is continuously insistent on its “moderate-ness” when it comes to reporting the news. Fox is also a giant bulls-eye for countless “media watchdog” groups, who insist that the network is biased and right-leaning with its news coverage.

Even though there are plenty of left-leaning publications and programs out there, Fox receives a heavy hand of criticism for its perspective, with some wondering why they just don’t come out and admit that they lean right. Indeed, much of the criticism seems pointed not at the idea that they represent a more Conservative perspective, but that they insist that they’re “fair and balanced.”

Fox boss Ailes continued this tradition when asked about the “fair and balanced” approach in an interview with TVNewser.

“We don’t — I know no one believes it — we have no agenda,” Ailes said. “If he [President Obama] runs into a burning building tomorrow and saves four kids, he’s gonna be the biggest goddamn hero Fox News ever saw. But if he leaves four guys behind on the battlefield but can’t explain it, [likely referring to Benghazi] then he’s gonna have a problem with Fox News.”

“I don’t mind praising the guy, and I don’t mind questioning the guy,” Ailes concluded. “It’s day to day.”

It may be ridiculous to ask, but I have to either way. Do you think that Fox News is “fair and balanced” or biased?