Jennifer Aniston Oscars: Actress Gets Emotional Mentioning Bill Paxton

Actor Bill Paxton, known for his role in movies such as Titanic and Twister, died on February 25 at the age of 61. He died from complications that occurred after heart surgery. The public announcement of Bill Paxton’s unexpected and sudden death came mere hours before the 2017 Oscars ceremony.

Director James Cameron and Bill Paxton met as they were constructing sets for low-budget films. During their time together, they shaped a partnership that made movie history. After hearing of Bill Paxton’s death, Cameron sent a statement to Vanity Fair.

“He was a good man, a great actor, and a creative dynamo. I hope that amid the gaudy din of Oscar night, people will take a moment to remember this wonderful man, not just for all the hours of joy he brought to us with his vivid screen presence, but for the great human that he was. The world is a lesser place for his passing, and I will profoundly miss him.”

Since the academy prepares the traditional In Memoriam montage in advance of Oscars night, the announcement of Paxton’s death came too late for the actor to be included. The montage is prepared to commemorate and remember members of the film industry who have passed away during the previous year. There is no doubt that Bill Paxton will be included in next year’s Oscars tribute.

Just in time to announce the In Memoriam tribute montage, actress Jennifer Aniston flew in from Los Cabos, Mexico. According to US Magazine, Aniston had been celebrating her birthday, on vacation, with her husband Justin Theroux and long time friend Courtney Cox. Although he was not included in the montage itself, Aniston made a point to remember Bill Paxton in her speech.

Jennifer Aniston’s Oscars speech was a heartfelt and emotional one. Romper Magazine reported that Aniston choked up, with a crack in her voice, as she mentioned Bill Paxton’s name. Her somber tone reminded the crowd that a talented actor and familiar face was not only missing from the audience, but also from the video montage itself.

Aniston choked up during the sentimental segment as she recognized the recent passing of fellow actor Bill Paxton. Although mentioning Paxton before the montage may have been a strategic move to ensure that he was remembered at this year’s Oscars, alongside Carrie Fisher, Mary Tyler Moore, and Debbie Reynolds, Jennifer Aniston’s emotional response seemed to be sincere.

” Each and every one was a cherished member of our Hollywood family, as was beloved actor and friend who left us just yesterday, Bill Paxton. All were loved…I’m sorry, and all will be missed.”

Jennifer Aniston’s emotional Oscars speech was not about the fact that they were the best of friends, while they easily could have been, but more likely about Hollywood losing another one of their own. She went on to say the following.

“Tonight, as we celebrate together, we also take a moment to mourn the many legends we lost this past year. Whether they were a musical prince leading the revolution on a concert stage or a movie princess leading the rebellion in a galaxy far, far away, a force of nature in front of the camera or a force driving it.”

After hearing her speak at the Oscars, you may wonder if Aniston and Paxton were friends. There isn’t any hard evidence of a close friendship, and they did not film any movies together, however, judging by her reaction to his passing, Aniston was certainly affected. Regardless, as written in Bustle, there is “no question that Aniston’s emotions echo what so many people have been feeling after hearing the news.” Considering the fact that she had been out of the country on vacation, it is possible that Aniston had been notified of Bill Paxton’s death only moments before taking the Oscars stage.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux pose for photographers.

Following her emotional speech on stage at the Oscars, Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux attended the annual 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California. She looked stunning, as she traded her tears for a smile, and celebrated with other stars in the industry.

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