'Sister Wives' Rumors: Kody Brown Is Allegedly Abusive, Wants Another Wife?

Of all of the latest Sister Wives rumors, this one's the most explosive: according to a new report, Kody Brown is allegedly abusive to his wives!

That's the word according to Hollywood Gossip, whose latest round of Sister Wives rumors suggest that the leader of the Brown family has been less than admirable in his husbandry ways. The outlet is reporting that the reason Robyn Brown wants a divorce is because she's tired of living the life that Kody Brown is forcing her to live. Reportedly, too, Kody wants to take on yet another wife -- and this wife is only 25 years old! -- and Robyn isn't having it.

So how is Kody coping? By drinking excessively.

And when he drinks excessively, he allegedly becomes extremely abusive.

"According to an actual family friend of the Browns, Kody's been 'totally spiraling out of control' lately. The friend says that Kody is 'becoming a hothead, he has no filter and it is freaking Robyn out.' Things are so bad that 'she can no longer trust him.' They used to 'fight and yell at each other,' but 'now Robyn simply ignores him, which makes him even more infuriated.'"
And yes, we know we've heard these Sister Wives rumors before. However, according to the latest issue of Life & Style, it's really over this time between the two former lovebirds.

But apparently, Kody's having a major go of it with his other wives, as well, so it seems like he's getting dragged to hell and back from every angle.

"Back in November, meanwhile, various magazines claimed that Meri and Kody were the ones on the verge of a split. Those two have seemingly been at odds ever since the very first season of Sister Wives, with Meri unhappy that Kody wanted to exchange vows with other women. It didn't help that Meri battled with fertility problems over the years and then it really didn't help when Meri fell for a catfishing scheme. 'I'm working very hard not to be hopeless,' Kody said at one point during Season 11 of his relationship with Meri. As we've tried to document via the above photos of one tabloid cover after another, there is clearly tension within this household."
And, according to the latest Sister Wives rumors from She Knows, more than a few people are speaking out against Kody Brown, especially those who are close to the family.

The outlet spoke to Kendra Pollard, and she confirmed that Robyn really plans to follow through with her plans to leave Kody this time.

"[Robyn's] always said that if he takes on new wives, she'll leave. Robyn has told friends she is going to divorce Kody. She believes it is her only choice. She says he will be getting a rude awakening soon when he's served with papers."
However, the outlet is also quick to point out that while Kendra used to be a very close friend of Robyn's, the two had a very public falling out in 2015. Since then, Kendra sold many stories about the Brown family to the tabloids, including Meri's infamous catfish story, and has done everything in her power to spread a smear campaign against her former friend.

So, we shall soon see if these latest Sister Wives rumors have any merit, or if this is just Kendra shooting from the lip again.

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