WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Injures Security Guard, Preview Of 'Fastlane' Results?

Bernadette R. Giacomazzo

As one of the most beloved -- or despised -- figures in the WWE, Roman Reigns' every move is watched and analyzed by spectators and fans alike. And in the latest WWE rumors report, there's a suggestion that the accidental injury of the security guard by Roman Reigns last night may be a preview of what's to come during Fastlane!

— WWE (@WWE) February 28, 2017

Someone get that man some Salonpas and Advil. He's gonna need it!

You can check out the video below.

— WWE (@WWE) February 28, 2017

As has been previously reported, the WWE Draft is rumored to be coming back this year, and Reigns is rumored to be a part of the draft. Accordingly, the company is looking to trade him from Raw to SmackDown so he can begin a World Championship title run.

According to the outlet, Fastlane will provide the perfect opportunity for Reigns to go on a bit of a losing streak, and thus cast his lot for the blue brand.

"Strowman is on a hot streak having taken out Big Show and Reigns in two weeks and he asked Mick Foley to bind The Big Dog so as to deny him the option of backing out from the contest at Fastlane. With things heating up, they both made their way through the crowd and had Reigns deliver a spear before security stepped in to try and stop the two giants. However, Strowman wasn't going to let Reigns have the last laugh as he drove the latter so hard into the turnbuckle that it brought the ring down. As Strowman walked off, Reigns signed on the contract to make things absolutely official."

— #NeverShutsUp (@RachMon_) February 28, 2017

No less of an authority than Road Dawg -- remember the D-Generation X days, wrestling fans? -- has said as much.

Now, while there are certainly plenty of members of the Roman Empire -- this writer included -- to deny that Roman Reigns has detractors is short-sighted.

"He was referring to Reigns' detractors as the anti-establishment minority, claiming that they don't want other fans to know that Reigns actually gets cheered when they aren't there. Maybe on that particular night, it was a slightly different story as the crowd was much smaller, but there's certainly no way you can call Reigns' critics a minority as it's proven on a weekly basis that if anybody is in the minority, it's his supporters."

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