Dr. Phil Interview With 'Cannibal Frat Boy' Just Released [Video]

An unaired interview between Dr. Phil McGraw and the "cannibal frat boy" Austin Harrouff, has just been released to the public via a court order. The episode features a 22-minute interview with the Florida college student accused of killing a couple and chewing a man's face off.

"I'm so sorry and I never wanted this to happen," Austin Harrouff, 20, said amid a flurry of tears. "It's like a nightmare."

Austin Harrouff allegedly murdered John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon, a couple he picked at random, the Daily Mail reports.

"I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me," Harrouff continued in his crying apology to the loved ones of the murdered couple.

The Florida college student allegedly stabbed Michelle Mishcon and John Stevens to death inside their home in Tequesta. When police arrived on the murder scene they reportedly found Austin Harrouff chewing on Stevens' head, CBS News Miami reports.

Harrouff told Dr. Phil he doesn't remember much about what happened. He claims the videos he published to YouTube before the murders and cannibalism were done in jest. The Florida college student said he was merely acting silly and was not demonically possessed.

Later on in the video, Austin Harrouff also claimed the rumors about him being high on the drug known as flakka are false. Dr. Phil, during the course of the interview, tried to find out what drugs Harrouff had ever taken and if someone could have dosed him with any drugs before the brutal slayings.

"Is it a crystal or something? I don't know. My dad told me it was a crystal or something," Harrouff said when answering Dr. Phil when he had asked the college student if he knew what flakka is.

Toxicology tests taken after the murders reportedly showed Harrouff did not have any drugs in his system after being arrested other than minimal amounts of marijuana and alcohol. Austin Harrouff goes on to say he had never tried steroids as has also been alleged. He claimed it remains a mystery to him why he chose to attack John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon. He had only a vague memory of stripping off his clothes and running down the street.

"At the end, I remember saving a dog and hijacking a car and then it's a blur," Harrouff added. "It's like it happened, but, like, I wasn't aware of it at the time."

Dr. Phil delved into Harrouff's behavior before the murders and cannibalism. McGraw said the college student was allegedly engaging in alienating behavior before the slayings. Harrouff said he was not aware his friends and family felt he was disengaging himself from them.

"I was aware that I became more serious and things, but I wasn't aware that I was pushing people away. I didn't know it was affecting my relationship with my friends," Austin Harrouff continued.

Austin Harrouff's legal team does not disagree with the trial court's ruling to release the video tape but still believes doing so may cause unnecessary harm. Attorney Nellie King said the video shows the Florida college student in a "vulnerable state" and in the midst of recovering from what she deemed an "acute medical and psychological trauma."

The Dr. Phil interview was conducted via an online feed, with Austin Harrouff speaking from his hospital room. King also feels the details in the video interview do not help the loved ones of the victims who are still in mourning and suffering from the impact of the shocking tragedy.

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