‘The Good Wife’ Spin-Off Tackles Donald Trump’s Presidency

The Good Wife spin-off’s storyline will be inspired by Donald Trump’s presidency throughout the first season, according to Vox. The original legal drama aired from 2009 through 2016, which means it was airing specifically under Barack Obama’s presidency.

While The Good Wife spin-off, The Good Fight, premiered on February 19, the series is said to be directly inspired by the presidency of Trump, who became sworn-in as the U.S. president on January 20.

The Good Wife had a very special political drama status, as it explored issues of national security, Americans struggling to fight for their privacy as well as the effect of local politics on nationwide politics – all the things that have highlighted Obama’s presidency in the past eight years.

So it’s logical and sensible that The Good Wife spin-off, which premiered just one month after Trump’s inauguration, was inspired by the presidency of a dramatically different president and thus explore America’s issues under his presidency.

Christine Baranski, who plays the main character in The Good Wife spin-off, revealed during the show’s preview panel last month that The Good Fight filmed its pilot episode during the week of the election in November 2016.

Baranski also revealed that the night before Election Day, the crew filmed a scene in which her The Good Wife character, Diane Lockhart, packs up the contents of her office, which also included the photograph of Hillary Clinton, who infamously lost to Trump in last year’s presidential race.

Back then – when everyone thought Clinton was going to win the election and become the first female president of the U.S. – Baranski played the scene as her character drawing strength from Clinton. But now that Trump is the new president, the scene will have a whole new meaning.

“When the audience sees it. it’s going to have a very different resonance.”

Although The Good Wife cast and creators expected Clinton to become the new president, showrunners Michelle and Robert King admitted during the panel that Trump’s presidency will actually help the series in some sense.

“I think this election gave us a spine. What was good, the world changed on us. The Good Wife was a little bit about the Obama years. This gives shape to a new show.”

King also said that The Good Wife spin-off will show in detail how liberals reacted to Trump’s surprise victory. Baranski added that the whole country can relate to how her character is feeling right now, as she’s in “a moral kind of practical free fall.”

In fact, the Good Wife actress also added that the spin-off is called The Good Fight for a reason, because it will explore the “passing of power from one generation to another in terms of female power.”

All in all, Baranski said she is hoping The Good Wife’s spin-off will inspire women to keep putting on the good fight. Many experts who oppose Trump’s presidency suspect that the new U.S. president is an anti-feminist and misogynist.

If their suspicions turn out to be true, then The Good Wife spin-off, which is centered on a female lead character struggling to find her inner strength, comes at a very opportune time.

Since the upcoming spin-off will be able to enjoy its new liberation from network practices, The Good Fight’s characters will be able to use swear words every now and then, something the original The Good Wife series wasn’t allowed to do, according to Elle.

During the panel, the Kings admitted the main character will say the word “motherf***er” at one point of the show.

[Featured Image by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]