‘Archer’ Season 8 ‘Dreamland’: Private Eye Sterling Goes Noir To Solve Crimes

Detective Sterling Archer is back with the latest Season of Archer, and it seems this time fans will get to journey through the mind of the private-eye as he wanders through the 1940s Hollywood noir trying to solve mysteries and creating new ones.

The first detailed trailer for Archer Season 8, titled “Dreamland,” was released last week. Private eye Sterling is all set to start solving crimes with his quirky sense of humor and equally baffling logic in the latest season of Archer. However, this time around, the series takes a dramatic detour and time jumps into the 1940s style of Hollywood, better known as “Noir.” The trailer titled “Just Say Noir,” has all the right markings of the 1947 era that’s filled with cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity, but it also hints at an interesting aspect that even the hawk-eyed fans might have missed.

As it turns out, Archer’s condition at the end of Season 7 wasn’t fatal. In the last episode, Archer was seen lying face down in a swimming pool with blood trickling out his chest wounds and mixing with the pool water. Incidentally, his seemingly fatalistic condition is supposed to be a precursor to the series of events that are expected to occur in the upcoming season of Archer.

The trailer may imply that the new season essentially picks up from the dramatic cliffhanger into detective Sterling’s subconscious or fantasy, which is set in 1947 universe where everything is dark, mysterious, melodramatic, charismatic, and over the top. As expected, even in his fantasy, Sterling Archer is a detective or as they referred to as back then, a private eye. While there seems to be a little ambiguity about the investigation, it is apparent that Archer is on the lookout of a murderer. However, the trailer very briefly shows Archer jumping out of a hotel window. The name of the hotel is “Dreamland.” Could Archer be solving crimes in the hotel, instead of in his fantasy?

Some fans claim Archer is looking for his murderous ex-partner Woodhouse. However, those who religiously follow every aspect of the series know well that the voice actor who lent his vocal talents to the Woodhouse character, George Coe, died about two years ago. Hence fans theorize that Archer could be on the hunt for the murderer of his former partner. Interestingly, the trailer also shows that the name of Archer’s former partner is still on the nameplate of the duo’s office.

Besides Woodhouse missing from Archer’s universe, the new season has the character roles shuffled as well. Malory, the stone-faced lady that doesn’t usually register many emotions, isn’t Archer’s supervisor anymore. It is not clear who will keep Archer’s shenanigans in check or admonish him, but the trailer implies Malory could be “the biggest mobster in L.A.” Fortunately, the knuckle-cracking, street-smart and ever faithful Pam is Archer’s partner. Interestingly, the trailer does showcase Pam’s multiple abilities and fighting skills.

The beautiful, sultry and seductive Lana is a nightclub performer who Archer fancies. In fact, it is apparent that Lana is the private eye’s damsel in distress and love interest. However, as always, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye, and some dark secrets about the femme fatale band leader could emerge. Fortunately, Cyril is back in his unassuming form. In fact, he is a detective in Archer Season 8. However, in the new season Cheryl is a client and more importantly, for reasons yet unknown, the creators of Archer have chosen to dress her well.

Incidentally, everyone in Season 8 of Archer is dressed rather well. The couture appears carefully designed to match the 1940’s era Hollywood, and given the nature of the show, fans strongly expect the characters to openly mock and chide not only the noir genre but also the characters that were played during that time.

Fans of Archer will surely be excited since U.S. network FX has renewed the series through Season 10. In other words, fans can expect Archer to continue solving crimes at least till 2019. Incidentally, Archer Season 8 will begin screening on FX’s spin-off channel FXX from Wednesday, April 5.

[Featured Image by Adam Reed/Archer/FX Productions]