Annoying Coworkers Can Make You Hate Your Job, Survey Reveals

Stuck with unpleasant coworkers? You are not alone.

According to a TimesJobs survey, almost 50 percent of the respondents said that they hate their jobs, primarily because they have to deal with obnoxious coworkers.

Working as a team is a prerogative in most organizations. This means having to interact with people with different predicaments, and it’s not always a pleasure to work with some.

Nearly 60 percent of the 700 working professionals surveyed say they hate their jobs, according to a report by MoneyControl.

“There is no doubt that our relationships with coworkers have a significant effect on our attitudes toward our jobs,” said Susan Scott, Founder and CEO of Fierce, Inc, which also conducted a similar survey.

“Are we happy to see our team members when we walk in the door each day? Is there a best friend in the mix? Do our relationships with coworkers create an environment that is fun to be a part of, or do toxic individuals make going to the office unbearable? The survey data is important for company leaders to pay attention to. Since employee satisfaction is intrinsically tied to the relationships between coworkers, what can leaders do to enrich those relationships? Creating an environment in which friendships can develop is a good start,” she said.