‘Counting On’ News: Austin Forsyth Asked Permission To Propose To Joy-Anna

Tonight on a new episode of Counting On, the viewers got to meet Austin Forsyth. It came out a while ago that he was courting Joy-Anna Duggar and rumors have even been flying that the two might be engaged. Now some news is coming out that sounds like that might be true! Duggar Family Blog shared tonight saying that Joy-Anna and Austin are getting pretty serious. So what did they reveal?


The blog shared that a new season of Counting On will be back this summer. There have been a few rumors that the show would be canceled, so that is not the case. It will actually be back this summer with Joy-Anna Duggar and her boyfriend, Austin, on it. The network just revealed a huge detail about what will be going on this season, too. Austin will have a conversation with Jim Bob Duggar about wanting to propose to Joy-Anna. This shows that he is really serious about her and wants things to work long-term.


The Inquisitr shared not long ago that Joy-Anna Duggar had some pictures posted on Facebook on the Duggar page. In these photos, Joy-Anna was cooking, and she had her ring finger hidden in a very weird way. It appeared that she might be trying to hide an engagement ring on her finger. Nobody knows for sure, but it really liked there was a ring on her finger and if he asked to propose that could explain it. This was at their Valentine’s Day celebration, and the caption said, “Here’s a sweet twist on Valentine’s Day! We are having a family-wide party celebrating love….God’s love and our love for one another. Our theme is ‘We love because He first loved us!”

The Hollywood Gossip also shared about rumors that Joy-Anna Duggar could be engaged to Austin Forsyth. This did move really fast, but the thing is they have been friends for years. Joy-Anna shared they have known him about fourteen or fifteen years. Austin has his pilot’s license and is a very skilled worker.

On tonight’s episode, Austin finally asked Jim Bob Duggar if he could ask Joy-Anna Duggar to start a courtship with him. The fans already knew they were courting, but this is the first time they have seen any of it on the show. Austin has only been on there as a friend of the family before. Austin had to explain to Jim Bob what he likes about Joy and why he wanted to court her before he got permission. Austin called her a diligent worker and said she is a good delegator. John David shared that he is close to Austin and already had the inside scoop of what was going on with them. The family seems to really like Austin and already know him pretty well.

It did take Jim Bob Duggar a bit to say yes, but he said that he felt like Joy-Anna Duggar would be surprised to hear the news. Austin already had a big plan on how to ask her. They prayed together after it and Jim Bob feels like they are both ready for it.

Do you think that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are engaged now? Do you think that they are a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Counting On when they return this summer. There isn’t an exact date just yet, but fans are happy to know it is coming back again.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family Official/Facebook]