Corinne Olympios Reveals ‘GMA’ Appearance: Could She Be Joining ‘DWTS’?

It is almost time to find out the cast of Dancing With the Stars, and now Corinne Olympios has fans wondering if she might be joining the show. Nick Viall sent her home tonight on The Bachelor 2017. This leaves Corinne open to do about anything she wants to do. Corinne Olympios went to her Instagram page tonight and said something that really has the fans wondering what is going on. She isn’t hinting she will be on the show, but something she said is causing a ton of speculation.


Corinne said, “Just landed in NY!???? Don’t forget to catch me skype in on @jimmykimmellive tonight!????And start your day on @goodmorningamerica Wednesday morning! #teamcorn.”

Of course, her being on Jimmy Kimmel isn’t very crazy, and everyone wants to see it. The fact that she will be on Good Morning America is what has everyone talking. She will be on the show at the exact same time as they are announcing the new cast of Dancing With the Stars. Could this mean something?

Corinne will be on there Wednesday, March 1. This is when they are announcing the DWTS cast. It is very odd that she isn’t on the show tomorrow, which would be the day after Nick sent her home. So now the speculation has started that Corinne might be on Dancing With the Stars. That would be a huge shakeup considering her name isn’t one that is being thrown around.

You can also catch Corinne on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. If she is doing DWTS, then that would not come out on that show. She will probably just talk about being sent home and maybe mention doing Bachelor in Paradise. You know that she is perfect for that show.

People shared spoilers today saying that Nick Viall will be on Dancing With the Stars this season. The idea of Nick joining the show and then Corinne being there too is pretty crazy, but is also the kind of thing that DWTS would do. That would make for a very interesting twist this season. Nick would not be the first guy to do the show. Chris Soules did it after his season and Whitney moved there to live with him. Jake Pavelka was also on the show.

Right now, Nick Viall is down to just three women, and he will have to pick one of them in the end. He sent home Corinne Olympios tonight. That leaves just Raven, Rachel, and Vanessa for him to choose from. Whoever he picks, will probably be moving to LA so that they can be with Nick while he does his time on Dancing With the Stars. It will be hard to make a relationship work if the person isn’t there with him so that they can spend time together. Of course, he won’t want joining this show to mess up his relationship.


Do you think that Corinne Olympios will be on the cast of Dancing With the Stars? Do you think that she would be a great addition to the cast? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC. You will also want to watch the big Dancing With the Stars announcement on March 1 on Good Morning America. If Corinne is doing the show, this is when it will come out.

[Featured Image by Corinne/Instagram]