WWE News: Finn Balor Return To WWE Coming In March

The WWE announced last week that Seth Rollins was unlikely to return to the WWE for in-ring action in time for WrestleMania, but there is a chance Finn Balor could be there to replace him. According to PWinsider, a WWE house show is scheduled for March 26 in New York and Finn Balor is booked for a match on the show that could have big implications for WrestleMania.

The match will see Finn Balor teaming with Sami Zayn and Chris Jericho to battle Triple H, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe. That looks very suspiciously like the rumored new Triple H stable might be forming after all, with Finn Balor on the other side.

WWE News: Finn Balor Return To WWE Coming In March
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There is one match that is almost guaranteed for WrestleMania and that is Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho. The angle between the two WWE stars has built for the last year and the Kevin Owens turn was perfectly executed two weeks ago. These two men will almost assuredly fight at WrestleMania.

There was supposed to be a small feud between Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins after he attacked Rollins for Triple H a few weeks ago. However, Rollins reinjured his knee and has been out ever since. Instead, Joe has started feuding in the WWE with Sami Zayn.

The two of them are supposed to wrestle at Fastlane this next weekend. That leaves Triple H and Finn Balor as the two remaining names from that booked match in New York. Originally, Seth Rollins was supposed to fight Triple H at WrestleMania, paying off the betrayal by Triple H last year.

It was another perfectly booked feud with Seth Rollins chasing Triple H and WrestleMania being where he finally gets his hands on The Game. However, if Seth Rollins can't wrestle, that leaves Triple H without an opponent for the event.

WWE News: Finn Balor Return To WWE Coming In March
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Some expected for Triple H to possibly move into a match with Shane McMahon but that likely won't happen at all and Shane will probably still fight AJ Styles. That cold leave the door open for Finn Balor, who has been rumored to be ready to return to the WWE from the injury he suffered last year at the hands of Seth Rollins.

It is getting a little late when it comes to setting up the match with WrestleMania just over one month away. However, it can still work out right if the WWE just plays with real life. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Finn Balor and Seth Rollins released a photo together recovering from physical therapy.

While it was an innocent photo done for fun, the WWE could have Triple H belittle Finn Balor for taking a smiling photo with Seth Rollins even after Rollins injured him. Finn Balor could defend himself and then Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens could attack, setting up Finn Balor on one side and Triple H on the other side.


It makes more sense for Finn Balor to be on Triple H's side, especially with their NXT connection. However, fans love the Finn Balor entrance and his demon character and he was one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE on Google search engines in 2016, behind only AJ Styles.

That makes him a valuable face for the company, one that needs to find more people the majority of the fans love. If they have Triple H vs. Finn Balor, there is a chance that Finn Balor could go over big and that could re-launch him back to the top of the card in time for the 2017 WWE storylines to kick off.

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