‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: The Real Reason Andi Dorfman Is Showing Up Tonight

This season of The Bachelor has really been one that fans have not been overly thrilled with, and maybe it is because they’ve seen Nick Viall one too many times. They’ve been through his quests for love and are just kind of over the whole thing, but people are still going to turn in. Fans are seriously going to tune into tonight’s episode when his old flame Andi Dorfman shows up at his hotel, but what is she really there for?

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of The Bachelor starring Nick Viall. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Tonight’s episode will only be an hour long and not the normal two hours due to ABC switching up the schedule a bit. Next week’s episode with the “Women Tell All” will be two hours, and the final will end up being three hours to make up for it.

Tonight, Viall will send home one of the remaining four women, as the Hometown Dates ended last week, but who will it be? Well, as he prepares to make this most difficult decision, an old flame shows up at his hotel door and the collective minds of the fans exploded.

the bachelor 2017 spoilers nick viall rose ceremony elimination order corinne olympios vanessa grimaldi hometown dates andi dorfman hotel
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The previews first showed a faceless woman walking down the hall and knocking on his door, but they wouldn’t let you know who it was. As the season went on, the previews showed that it was Andi Dorfman, and all of a sudden, Viall’s past was coming back to haunt him.

Immediately, fans began wondering why she would be there and what she would have to say to him. All the previews and the end of last week have shown fans is Viall opening the door with a confused look on his face and Andi simply saying, Hello, Nick!” as the episode ended.

As reported by E! News reported, a source has given them the exclusive information on her return and why she is back. This will be the first time they have come face-to-face regarding their time together since the end of Andi’s season of The Bachelorette when they were in front of one another on the live “After the Final Rose” special.

Since that point, Viall has also revealed that the couple did sleep together during their time in the Fantasy Suite. Now, they are facing off for the first time about their past relationship, and as reported by Reality Steve, don’t look for anything as dramatic as ABC is making you think.

the bachelor 2017 spoilers nick viall rose ceremony elimination order corinne olympios vanessa grimaldi hometown dates andi dorfman hotel
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While Andi and Nick do have a very storied history and one full of ups and downs, their little sit-down tonight isn’t too bad. The source tells E! News that it is more a situation where she gives him some advice and not much more.

“They talk about their past and what went down between them. Their fantasy suite date definitely comes up! Andi also tries to give Nick some advice.”

Last month, Jimmy Kimmel Live did see Viall see both Andi and his other ex Kaitlyn Bristowe, and it made for a rather “awkward” time. Still, that was just a simple little interview and nothing near as in-depth as tonight’s meeting will be.

As much as ABC likes to play up the drama and chaotic nature of Andi Dorfman arriving on the hotel doorstep of Nick Viall, it’s really nothing to get worked up over. Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor will not only be rather short on drama but short on time as the network has cut a full hour off of its run-time. Prepare for one woman to be sent home and for Andi Dorfman to give advice, but not much more.

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