WWE Spoilers: Hall Of Famer Scheduled For Return Tonight On ‘Monday Night Raw’

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw was already shaping up to be absolutely huge because it’s the go-home show for Fastlane on Sunday, but it just got even bigger. There is already a lot planned for the show tonight in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the build-up for the pay-per-view (PPV) is going to be complete, but there’s more. What show isn’t better with the return of a WWE Hall of Famer being confirmed to appear?

According to PW Insider, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is not only in Green Bay, but he is said to already be backstage at Monday Night Raw. It is very likely that he will appear on tonight’s show to help promote the title match between Charlotte Flair and Bayley at Fastlane.

Now, it isn’t exactly known what he will be doing, but it would seem pointless for him to travel up to Wisconsin and not be on the show. Cageside Seats does have a point that things like this have happened before and the superstars backstage never once showed up on camera.

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It has been months since Ric Flair was on WWE television and it was when his daughter had actually turned on him. Charlotte said she didn’t need his help or his legacy and that she could do everything on her own.

That is when the “Nature Boy” turned his back on her and sided with Sasha Banks who had just recently won the Raw Women’s Championship from Charlotte. Ric showed up to congratulate Banks on her title win and that was at the end of November which is the last time Flair showed up for WWE in any sense.

Now, Charlotte is preparing to face off against current Raw Women’s Champion Bayley this Sunday at Fastlane in the hope of winning back her belt. It will be interesting to see if her father is going to side with Bayley, the current champion, or be on the side of his daughter.

Things have been extremely tense the past couple of shows with Bayley just capturing the title less than three weeks ago. Since then, there have been those calling for her to relinquish the belt since Sasha Banks helped her win it by interfering in the match.

Charlotte Flair was of that belief, but now, she is just ready to get back her championship.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Ric Flair returns because there are so many directions this angle can go in. As recently reported by the Inquisitr, a rumored Fatal 4-Way match for the Raw Women’s Championship is scheduled for WrestleMania 33, but a lot of things would need to happen for that to be booked.

As reported by WrestleZone, one of those things is Sasha Banks turning heel and shunning her good friend Bayley. Seeing as how Banks is the last person that Ric Flair sided with, this could lead to the Hall of Famer returning to what he does best and that is being a heel.

If he’s going to go back to being a heel, though, it would make sense to have him side with Charlotte Flair, but she is fine doing it all on her own.

The last time Ric Flair was seen on WWE television, he was actually congratulating Sasha Banks as she won the Raw Women’s Championship from his daughter. Now, Charlotte Flair is looking to win that title back from Bayley at Fastlane, and the “Nature Boy” is coming back to Monday Night Raw to promote that match. The lone remaining question is will he be standing across from his daughter or back on her side?

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