Is Kodak Black Gay? Man’s Viral Instagram Post Claims They’re In A Relationship

Is Kodak Black secretly gay?

That is the rumor floating around the internet gossip mill after allegations surfaced from someone on Instagram claiming he had a relationship with the rapper — a claim that appears to be disputed by Kodak Black himself.

The Instagram post has gone viral early this week, leading to coverage from sites including My Music Grind.

“Rapper Kodak Black is within the midst of a scandal – a person on Instagram is posting pics claiming to have been in a secret homosexual relationship with the Florida rapper.”

“You’ll be able to learn the under messages – and determined for your self whether or not or not you consider it.”

The outlet then included a screenshot of a man posing with a shirtless Kodak Black. In the caption, the man alleged that he and Kodak were in a relationship.

“ME AND LIL KODAK BEEN F***ING AROUND & now we want to get SERIOUS believe it or not!!” the man wrote.

The post then included a screenshot of a Facetime video the man made with Kodak Black.

But outside of the photo with the rapper — one that any fan could have taken — there appears to be little or no substance to the rumor that Kodak Black is gay. The sites running the Instagram post have presented it at face value to readers, but there is not actually any proof involved that the two have a real relationship outside of a photo taken together.

It’s not clear why someone would make an accusation that Kodak Black is gay, though it could be a chance either to smear his image or possibly to gain attention.

Either way, Kodak Black appears to be denying there is any truth to the story. In a Twitter post in the early morning hours on Monday, the hinted that the story is all made up.


Even if the story that Kodak Black is gay turns out to be fabricated, there are plenty of real stories hurting the Florida rapper’s image. In the last year, he has gone through an extended legal battle surrounding charges that he sexually assaulted a woman, spending several weeks in jail before being released late in 2016. The matter is still pending.

And earlier this year, Kodak Black was featured in a sex tape that was streamed live to the internet. As Vibe noted, the video showed the rapper with a woman and bragged about how he had groupies sign consent forms before having sex.

“The rapper aired the hotel room shenanigans on Thursday evening (Jan. 26) to the dismay of his fans,” the Vibe report noted. “Before showing the young woman (who didn’t look like she wanted to be filmed), the rapper shared with fans how he requires papers from groupies who want to lay in the sheets with him. Things only got worse for the rapper when portions of the video were ripped from the stream and placed on Twitter.”


He got in more hot water earlier this month when making a Facetime call with Danielle Bregoli, the 13-year-old famous for her Dr. Phil appearance where she coined the now-viral phrase “Cash me outside, howbow dah?”

In the video, the 19-year-old rapper posed a very risque question to Bregoli when they broached the topic of her boyfriend.

“You ’bout to put that p***y on him?” Kodak Black asked as Bregoli laughed.

Despite the denials from the rapper, the rumors that Kodak Black might be gay continue to swirl this week, with many sharing the story on social media.

[Featured Image by Kodak Black/Instagram]