‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sonny Lands Himself In Danger With A Familiar Face

Days Of Our Lives spoilers have arrived, and it looks like Deimos’ drama with Sonny will finally come to a head. The Inquisitr has been teasing via spoilers that the two men have been at odds for some time now, and it looks like you know who might just make his move to put the younger Kiriakis’ life in great danger.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry’s recent spoilers post, the infamous baddie is cooking up a plan to hurt Sonny, but the former innocent might be a few steps ahead of the villain. It’s said that while Deimos was busy kidnapping Chad and Gabi, Sonny’s own kidnapping was ordered by Andre and Eduardo in exchange for the former couple that was stuck in a freezing cold locker.

For those following the Days of Our Lives spoilers posts, you know that this was caused by the power that the villain wants when it comes to technology, specifically the amulet. It’s said that Deimos will do anything in his power to obtain it, hence the technology war that has started. Although Sonny targeted him in the past, fans of Days of Our Lives know that for the most part, he has laid off for a bit, but things have become too dangerous, and he wants to put this all to rest, which means he’s willing to stop Deimos at any cost.

Days of Our Lives fans might agree with Sonny that Deimos is nothing if not a total villain when it comes to bossing his goons around. This time around, it had more to do with the business and the Kiriakis family. He is worried that Deimos will eventually destroy everything the family has worked hard to preserve, including the Kiriakis name. Titan will surely lose out on business due to this reckless behavior.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that to act fast, Sonny will want Victor to bring on a new CEO so that Deimos won’t be able to affect the business. Of course, he will then nominate himself, as he thinks he’s been a good employee when he was on assignment in Europe. Stepping up in a leadership role is a lot for Sonny, but it might be the best option for the business. Although Victor hesitates to appoint him in charge of the business, spoilers indicate that he will cave, and due to this switch in authority, it will put him in Deimos’ direct line of fire once again on Days of Our Lives.

It’s mentioned that Days of Our Lives viewers will see those surrounding Sonny, specifically, Gabi and Paul, won’t know how to take the shift in his role within the company or his aggressive stance towards Deimos. Although he thinks he knows what he’s doing, it’s clear that he’s in way over his head and drama will go down, which is something that Paul fears and warns Sonny about.

If his life is in danger because of his new position at Titan, it wouldn’t be a huge shock. In a previous spoilers post, Days of Our Lives fans found out that the new head writer at the soap is interested in continuing with a possible murder storyline that was put into motion by former head writer Dena Higley. It’s said that while things will be “lighter,” a murder mystery will be introduced to Days of Our Lives fans starting in June.

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