WWE Rumors: Reasons Why Matt And Jeff Hardy May Be Returning To WWE Revealed

Are Matt and Jeff Hardy returning to the WWE after what had been such a successful 2016 in TNA? Those are the latest whispers behind the scenes, and new reports are also pointing to the reasons why a move back to the company that made them household names as The Hardy Boyz might be the best possible move for them at this point.

Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported that former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway chose not to re-sign with the company after two productive and successful years. Prior to joining TNA in January of 2015, Galloway had worked for WWE under the ring name Drew McIntyre, and despite a promising start as Vince McMahon’s so-called “Chosen One,” he had ultimately fallen to jobber status, which was where he stood as a member of the 3MB faction. Due to this new development, many are speculating that Galloway might consider a return to WWE, despite the lackluster push he had in the last few years of his run with the company.

Rumors of Matt and Jeff Hardy returning to WWE have been swirling on and off for some time, but talk of the brothers possibly working for the man (Vince McMahon) Matt refers to in promos as “Meek Mahan” had started again last week.


Last week, 411Mania reported that the Hardys’ contract situation was still “up in the air,” and while they are booked to wrestle in the independent circuit through April, they had yet to confirm to promoters whether they would be available in the coming months. Citing reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 411Mania suggested that WWE “has made it clear” that it is interested in signing the veteran tag team but cannot negotiate with the Hardys due to their soon-to-expire TNA deals.

Another report from the Inquisitr suggested yesterday that Matt Hardy’s online store will be shutting down so that he can take care of his wife, Reby, who is expecting a second child later this year. However, there were some hints dropped about Matt and Jeff Hardy returning to WWE, as Matt, in his “Broken” character, told SportsKeeda that he plans to “delete” the Young Bucks at an April 1 Ring of Honor show, and do the same to WWE’s tag teams.


Now, a more recent report from WrestlingNews.co, which also cites information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, has added some information on why a WWE return may be in the best interests of “Broken” Matt and “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy. Aside from their being noncommittal toward possible indie bookings after April, the brothers appear to be concerned about recent organizational shakeups within TNA, which may point to a return to “traditional” booking. That could mean some serious tweaks to Matt and Jeff’s current gimmicks, which became massively over when they debuted in 2016, and helped turn the word “delete” into a popular chant, not only in TNA, but also in other promotions, the WWE included.

(L-R) Jeff and Matt Hardy won six tag team titles in WWE as The Hardy Boyz. [Image by WWE]

It could indeed be an interesting prospect – Matt and Jeff feuding with the likes of Gallows and Anderson and The New Day on RAW or with American Alpha on SmackDown Live. But WrestlingNews.co posited that it’s not even sure whether WWE would allow them to reprise their “Broken” Hardys persona – at the end of the day, the odds of Matt and Jeff coming back to WWE may all depend on the amount of creative freedom they’re given.

There have also been some whispers of Matt and Jeff Hardy returning to the WWE at WrestleMania 33, though possible booking options for the brothers, should these rumors be accurate, are still open to all manner of speculation. But regardless when that return takes place, “DELETE!” chants are sure to ring out in arenas all over the world if “Broken” Matt and “Brother Nero” make their presence felt once again to the WWE Universe.

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