U.S. Women's March Organizer Is A Convicted Female Terrorist

Tara West

One of the women attempting to organize the "next women's march" for anti-capitalist feminism is actually a convicted Palestinian terrorist who helped plan four bombings, two of which detonated, killing two men. The bombs were detonated in an Israeli supermarket and another that damaged the building of the British Consulate.

Rasmea Yousef Odeh, 60, served 10 years for her part in the terrorist plot and was only released as part of a prisoner exchange agreement. However, in 1995, when Odeh arrived in the United States, she failed to inform immigration officials of her past terrorist conviction and was granted citizenship. Now, the convicted terrorist claims she didn't know she needed to reveal crimes in other countries and should be allowed to stay, and to organize the women's march.

The New York Post reports that 60-year-old Rasmea Yousef Odeh was convicted of terrorism in Israel in 1970 after helping organize four bombings. Two of the four bombs detonated, killing two male college students, who were doing nothing more than shopping at an Israeli supermarket. The second bomb destroyed a portion of the British Consulate in Israel. After the Palestinian was convicted in the bombing plot, she spent 10 years in prison for her crimes before being released as part of a prisoner exchange agreement. Odeh was somehow granted U.S. citizenship in 2004 after lying on her immigration application about her past crimes.

However, her lies were discovered in 2014 and she was charged with immigration fraud for not disclosing her terrorist past. Though Odeh has not denied her conviction, she is still in the United States after winning an appeal to her immigration fraud conviction, claiming she suffered from PTSD and that is why she falsified her application. Meanwhile, Odeh is now a leader for the new "militant" feminist movement and is helping organize the next women's march while she awaits her new trial this spring.

Before planning women's marches, or appearing in court for immigration fraud, Odeh worked as an "Obamacare" healthcare navigator. With Odeh's violent past, it should be pointed out that her group's recent call for feminists to band together to ensure "Trump will see our power" is calling for a "militant" approach to feminism because "corporate feminism" is failing women. It is unclear what "militant" actions Odeh is actually advocating for, but in the group's open call for a new feminist movement, which was posted in The Guardian, it is clear they want to make a bolder statement.

"The idea is to mobilize women, including trans women, and all who support them in an international day of struggle – a day of striking, marching, blocking roads, bridges, and squares, abstaining from domestic, care and sex work, boycotting, calling out misogynistic politicians and companies, striking in educational institutions."

Rasmea Yousef Odeh spent 10 years in prison for her part in two bombings. pic.twitter.com/ttCl3RnyYD

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