Apple Watch Series 3: More Alleged Details Are Leaked

The first Apple Watch was controversial, while the Series 2 version was critically acclaimed. Neither have hit the sales soft spot Apple has been waiting for. However, the Series 3 could change that. BGR has more information on Apple’s next smartwatch.

“The report, which focuses on supplier TPK Holding, reveals that Apple is abandoning the glass panel technology that it has used for the Apple Watch thus far in favor of something new.”

The article adds that the next Watch could see Apple focusing on 3D sensor-based touch panels for smartphones with OLED displays in 2017. The current curved glass display has allegedly caused a lot of problems for Apple. A lot of commenters after the article think Apple has been doing a great job with the Watch.

Most owners of the Apple Watch love the device. [Image by Daryl Deino]

“I’m a big fan of my Apple Watch which is the original one. I wear it every day, even now it’s on. Has the latest WatchOS update on it. It’s been great. It’s all the little things over all and put together that make it such a great watch. I still have zero interest to ever wear a normal watch,” says JBDragon.

“Apple is still blazing the trail!” exclaims Jocko.

Tech Radar recently claimed that the Watch Series 3 may have a very futuristic feature.

“Running out of time before your Apple Watch battery dies? In the future, that may not be quite so big a deal, if a patent application from Apple bears fruit. Apple’s ‘Connector-free magnetic charger/winder,’ published by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, describes a system which would see turns of a smartwatch’s digital crown converted into energy.”

The article adds that it’s like a system that takes its cues from mechanical watches, with a rotational magnetic field either moving an electric generator producing power for an internal battery or spinning a spring or coil to exert force on gears that produce energy in a system similar to traditional watches.

The Verge reports there are other new Watch features coming, but not all are limited to the Apple Watch Series 3.

“Apple is planning on adding a new Theater Mode to the Apple Watch in the upcoming watchOS 3.2 update. According to Apple’s developer guide, Theater Mode easily allows users to mute sound and disable waking the screen when raising your wrist, making it ideal for those looking to avoid interrupting fellow theatergoers at a movie or play.

The article adds that notifications will still arrive on the Watch with haptic feedback. These notifications can be viewed by pressing the digital crown or tapping the screen when they arrive. In addition, Apple is adding SiriKit to watchOS 3.2. This will allow developers to make services in their applications accessible through Siri.

Twitter users have constantly been boasting about the Apple Watch.

Critics have been raving about the Apple Watch Series 2. [Image by Daryl Deino]

There has been no release date set for the Apple Watch Series 3. Given that the Series 2 Watch didn’t come out until October of 2016, it may still be a long time until we see the updated Watch in stores. However, buying a Series 2 right now would not be a disappointment — at least according to the reviews. The Daily Express says now is the ideal time to buy the Apple Watch. PC Magazine gave the Series 2 four stars, claiming that the advanced fitness tracking features make it more useful than many other smartwatches.

Do you own the Apple Watch? If so, do you think your purchase of Apple’s smartwatch was worth it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Richard Vogel/AP Images]