Young Dolph Survives SUV Being Shot At 100 Times [Video]

Young Dolph escaped with his life after his SUV was shot at about 100 times last night, February 25, in Charlotte, North Carolina. After the incident had occurred on North Caldwell Street at around 6:39 p.m., the rapper went on to perform at Charlotte’s Cameo nightclub that same night. He had already performed at Migos and 21 Savage earlier that evening.

Video footage has been released of Young Dolph’s SUV after it was shot at. The SUV is bulletproof and has probably saved the young star’s life.

No Motive For Shooting Thus Far

Young Dolph, whose real name is Adolph Thornton Jr., hails from Memphis and is in Charlotte performing at various CIAA events this weekend according to XXL Mag.

Thus far, a motive for the shooting has not been found. The lack of motive is strange because firing 100 shots speaks of intent if nothing else.

An eye witness reports that Dolph’s SUV had just left the parking lot when another truck pulled alongside it. An avalanche of bullets followed which rained to no avail because Young Dolph’s SUV was outfitted with bulletproof material.

Nobody was reported as injured as a result of the shooting, but several cars and a neighboring apartment building were hit during the shooting.

According to Complex, a Mercedez-Benz Sprinter van and a red SUV both were hit multiple times by the shooting.

At the time of going press, no one has been arrested for the shooting.

Young Dolph Disses On New Track

Yo Gotti Performs at Fader Fort, 2016
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Young Dolph has recently been dissing Yo Gotti. He released the diss song “Play wit Yo Bitch,” and during an interview warned Yo Gotti to avoid him. The two rappers are both from Memphis and have plenty of beef between the two of them. Yo Gotti is also in Charlotte, North Carolina for the CIAA.

According to the Source, the video shows the police at the crime scene where Young Dolph’s car was shot, and it includes eyewitness accounts of what happened. Complex reported about Young Dolph’s drive-by style shooting.

“As many as 100 shots were reportedly fired late Saturday in uptown along… North Caldwell Street.”

The police are sharing information with the public at large and are trying to keep them informed.

“Police say the incident was not related to any CIAA sanctioned events, and there have been no reports of injuries.”

The King Of Mephais Makes Light Of a Very Serious Situation

Young Dolph, who has called himself the “King of Mephais” has taken to Twitter about his near-death experience.

He taunts his shooter with a funny tweet.

Later, he makes reference to Tupac. Tupac was also shot in a similar fashion before the night he was fatefully wounded. Tupac went on to write the infamous “Hit ‘Em Up” after the failed assassination attempt. But Young Dolph was in a much easier mood as he turned again to Twitter to taunt his assailants.

Young Dolph Himself Being Investigated

Young Dolp Gucci And Friends Homecoming Concert
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Although Young Dolph was the victim this weekend during the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Tournament Weekend, several reports document that Young Dolph is also being involved in an investigation which the authorities are looking into.

According to All Hip Hop, Young Dolph is no stranger to shootings during CIAA tours. Last year, Young Dolph’s tour bus was also shot at multiple times.

Police in Charlotte are currently investigating the shooting during this yearly CIAA weekend event. Young Dolph should note that it seems to be the second time he has gotten away with his life. Even Tupac did not have nine lives.

The video shows the damage inflicted on Young Dolph’s bulletproof SUV.

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