‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ 1.6 Patch Date Revealed — Preparation Review

Fans of Tom Clancy’s The Division have been wondering about the 1.6 patch release date and what to review on how to prepare for this next update. The release date has now been announced for Tuesday, Feb 28. This time it will cover all platforms at once, as opposed to the previous patch which was delayed for the PlayStation 4. Updated patch notes for 1.6 will launch on Monday, February 27.

There will also be a maintenance time of three hours running from 9:30 to 12:30 CET. Once that is over, The Division 1.6 players will be able to partake in the fun gameplay. YouTuber Arekkz Gaming said there isn’t much to prepare for, but advised that you can do your weekly missions now to garner caches and opening them later for the chance at receiving exotic weapons.

The PS4 Pro, in this case, was mentioned to be receiving better screen resolution with this update which means for better up-scaling.

Go-To Weapon Is SMG

Moving forward, as far as prep work for Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 patch is concerned, what should you do to better prepare your agent for the future? As you know, SMGs are going to be a “thing” now as it was in the past. Like Butter mentioned that they’ve changed from critical damage to critical chance. So that means a major overhaul right there. As of now, before the 1.6 update, it is advised to keep these in stock.

Keep in mind for whatever SMGs you do have on your person, when the update hits, all players with this weapon’s ability of critical hit damage will automatically change to critical hit chance stats.

The types of SMGs recommended to farm for would be the MP7, MP5, AUG, and keep an eye out for the Vector, too. Like Butter said that the AUG would be the strongest in this case.

Deadly is the talent to focus on for SMG weapons, but not for assault rifles. The latter you should just go for basic damage. The Deadly talent will bode well for the SMGs, as critical hit chance is now a passive ability so they would work well coupled together. Also Responsive is another must-have for optimal damage capabilities.

Destructive is handy in PvE environments, but not as much in PvP. Then you can utilize Competent or Adept in your third slot. Like Butter also mentioned other talents where can get your critical hit damage up. Plan on combining all of those talents together to achieve around a 40 percent critical hit damage.

Assault Weapon Prep

There are other types of weapon to keep an eye out for. They are on par with the SMGs. If you’re a PC gamer and feel good about your aim for head shots, it would behoove you to stack head shot damage. Couple that with the Brutal talent for massive damage. M4 variants are recommended and especially the FAMAS, as it will change over to the exotic named weapon, the Bullfrog. It will be a very strong assault weapon.

That said, keep acquiring numerous FAMAS weapons in this patch to increase your chances of re-rolls. Even with gear in general, it would behoove you to not re-roll anything just yet until The Division 1.6 update. The reason being is because if you do re-roll something like “Damage to Elites,” you may not get that any longer once the update goes live on Tuesday.

For assurance on the aforementioned stats that are being changed, Ubisoft’s forums provide that information in the patch notes.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 Last Stand update should be a blast if you are a competitive sort, and with exotic weapons thrown into the mix, this could bode well for a pretty interesting and action packed update. What talents and SMG weapons are you looking forward to using when you take on foes in the Dark Zone, Last Stand, or even the PvE environment of Stolen Signal?

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]