February 26, 2017
'Wonder Woman' Movie: Will Batman Appear To Tie Film To Justice League Movie?

Will the Wonder Woman movie coming out in June 2017 be entirely isolated from the other films in the DC Extended Universe, or will it connect to these movies in some way? As reported by Flickering Myth, recent rumors regarding leaks from a test screening of the Wonder Woman Movie suggest that it will be a little bit of both.

Wonder Woman Movie Trailers

As the various teasers and trailers already released for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie make clear, this film will be a period piece set during World War I. In many ways, the concept of introducing Wonder Woman – as played by Gal Gadot – in this film is similar to that used for Captain America by Marvel, in which they placed him in World War II before bringing him to the modern world.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine promote 'Wonder Woman' movie.
Gal Gadot and Chris Pine promote 'Wonder Woman' movie. [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for DC Entertainment]

Chris Pine will be playing Steve Trevor, an American military officer who somehow washed up on shore at Themyscira – the island home of the Amazonian's. It's his interaction with Diana – soon to be Wonder Woman – that apparently convinces her to leave the island to help the Allies win World War I.

Leaked Wonder Woman Details

According to the details leaked from the Wonder Woman test screening, Batman – or at least Bruce Wayne – will have a cameo role in the movie. Apparently, the film will start with Wonder Woman in Paris communicating with Bruce Wayne via email.

Batman/Bruce Wayne wants to know if she's still interested in helping him gather together a group of meta-humans to fight off the dangers he has foreseen in the future. For reasons that are not entirely clear in the leak, she begins telling the story of her first interactions with mankind in her email response.

As based on these leaks, the Wonder Woman movie must end on a fairly dark note – given that the character of Wonder Woman apparently became disappointed in disenchanted with humanity after fighting in World War I alongside Steve Trevor.

At the same time – as related by the same leaks – something must have occurred in the interim to renew her interest in helping mankind, since she did finally show up to help Superman and Batman fight Doomsday.

The Return of Wonder Woman

Movie leaks aside, it was already fairly clear from the trailers and from studio releases that the Wonder Woman movie would be at least partially isolated from the current timeline of DCEU films. In fact, to try to tie them all together, the writers have resorted to the expedient of having Wonder Woman tell her story to the modern-day Batman.

'Wonder Woman' Movie director Patty Jenkins.
'Wonder Woman' Movie director Patty Jenkins. [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for DC Entertainment]

This almost suggests that this storytelling device might have been an afterthought and that the story originally would have stood entirely on its own without any connections to the modern-day DC characters. Certainly, the Warner Bros./DC universe has been in chaos over the last year, so last-minute changes would hardly be surprising.

As reported by Box Office Mojo, Batman v Superman made over $870 million worldwide, but these weren't the massive box office numbers Warner Bros. was hoping for. Worse, both fans and critics were unsatisfied by this highly anticipated movie. In a similar way, Suicide Squad was not everything the fans were hoping for. With the recent problems the studio has had with keeping directors and scripts for The Flash and The Batman, it sometimes seems like Warner Bros. is just moving the chairs around on the deck of the Titanic.

If the Wonder Woman movie were to disappoint as well, Warner Bros. might be facing the prospect of having to scrap its current version of the DCEU and start all over again. Given this, it's hardly surprising they might want to add opening and closing exposition scenes to link the Wonder Woman movie to the overall Warner Bros./DC movie franchise.

[Featured Image by Matt Cowan/Getty Images]