Sham Ibrahim Disagrees With Isis King On Caitlyn Jenner, Trans People Need You

Sham Ibrahim responds to Isis King Caitlyn Jenner transgender bathroom controversy

On Saturday, trans model Isis King blasted Caitlyn Jenner for her brand new outrage over Donald Trump’s plans to reverse an Obama era ruling that protects transgender rights as far as using public bathrooms are concerned. That didn’t sit well with pop artist Sham Ibrahim, who also has been a champion of LGBT rights and a supporter of the transgender bathroom access laws that allowed individuals to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify with.

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Sham Ibrahim was quick to respond to an article written yesterday by the Inquisitr because he doesn’t agree with Isis King’s response to Caitlyn Jenner. As a matter of fact, the Hollywood artist was pretty passionate about his disagreement with Isis regarding Caitlyn finally speaking up and trying to talk some sense into Donald Trump over his latest decision because of the effect that it will have on the LGBT community and on the transgender community specifically.

Sham had the following to say to the Inquisitr exclusive.

“I completely disagree. Isis king felt a certain way and using her personal experience with Caitlyn, however Unpleasant it may have been, to pass judgment on a much bigger issue. This is not about race. The trans issue of using the restroom corresponding with your gender identity affects trans people of all races and all levels of transition.”


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“Caitlyn [Jenner] is using her platform to speak to the president and say ‘THIS IS A DISASTER.’ That is incredible because she has a voice and she’s using it properly,” Sham explained. “I’ve strongly disagreed with her in the past when she’s said incredibly offensive things like the hardest thing about being a woman is ‘deciding what to wear’ or when she tried to explain her rationale to Ellen DeGeneres about why she previously didn’t support marriage equality. Those were horrific statements, but at this time it’s not about what anyone did In the past and certainly not about who they voted for.”

Sham Ibrahim has a point, especially considering the current political climate. With so many minority groups becoming targets of the Trump Administration by way of executive order or overturning multiple Obama era and older protections that they previously enjoyed, this is not the time to turn on each other. In order to be heard and ensure that these anti-discrimination measures don’t disappear for good is to work together.

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“This issue affects all trans people young old and of every race. Isis King and TS Madison, I love them both and I hear them. There is a big problem with race in the LGBT community, but right now we’re talking about the right for some people to use the restroom. We all need to stop dividing ourselves and come together to speak against this administration in ALL their policies against Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants, and women’s issues whenever an issue like this arrives we must all use our voice.”

“So good for Caitlyn for using her huge platform to speak up and my message to Isis king is [that] this is not a time to be divisive. This is a time to put our egos aside and come together. I’m sorry Caitlyn didn’t recognize you and invite you in the elevator for whatever reason. But, that’s not what this fight is about and we need all the voices and support from whoever we can get it from to win this fight and win the upcoming battles ahead with this administration.”

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Do you agree with Sham Ibrahim that the entire LGBT community and those who support it need to come together to fight back before basic protections are taken away from the transgender population? Or is Isis King right and Caitlyn Jenner is just a bastion of white privilege and has already proved “too little, too late” as far as her interest in speaking out on behalf of the transgender community? Tell us what you think of this highly controversial issue in the comments section below.

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