Danielle Bregoli: The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Is Now Making $40K Per Appearance

Danielle Bregoli: The 'Cash Me Outside' Girl Is Now Making $40K Per Appearance

Danielle Bregoli is apparently making a fortune off her “Cash me outside” fame, with the viral teenage star taking in a reported $40,000 for public appearances.

The 13-year-old shot to fame after her appearance on the Dr. Phil show about wayward teens, in which she had it out with an audience member and delivered the now famous threat, “cash me outside, howbow dah?” Since then Bregoli has turned into a viral star in her own right, gaining millions of followers on Instagram and attracting hundreds of thousands to watch her live video appearances.

She may not be doing it for free much longer, though. Hollywood Life reported that Danielle Bregoli is commanding a huge fee for making public appearances.

“Danielle is reportedly getting paid over $40k to make an appearance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May, according to TMZ. That’s just for one appearance! The owner of the company throwing the festival also told the site he will be throwing Danielle’s 14th birthday party in March and she’ll get a cut of the ticket sales for that too. Apparently, Danielle’s representation says for an appearance in the U.S. she wants around $30k and you’ll have to fork up $40k for her to go overseas for an appearance.”

The “Cash me outside” girl has already been finding a way to cash in off her fame. Shortly after her first appearance went viral, Bregoli posted to her Instagram page a link to official merchandise, including a blanket emblazoned with her face that came with a price tag of $250.

Danielle Bregoli has been doing quite a bit to extend her 15 minutes of fame. She made an appearance in a music video for rapper Kodak Black, dancing on the hood of a luxury car, and later made headlines for an X-rated Facetime chat with the rapper.

In the video, Kodak Black posed a racy question when Bregoli brought up her boyfriend.

“You ’bout to put that p***y on him?” Kodak Black asked as Bregoli laughed.

A few days later, Danielle Bregoli debuted her boyfriend — a man who appeared to look quite a bit older than her 13 years. The man hasn’t been identified, so it’s not yet clear just how old he might be.

But amid her controversies, Danielle Bregoli also appears to be taking some measures to clean up her image. Last week, she shared images from a photo shoot where she has a classier look.

#Repost @ownthelight ・・・ "Stop judging others and first look at your own life" is what I was taught growing up. It's funny to see our culture today judging and bashing on the "imperfect" people. To that I'm going to say.."what would happen if every single mistake you ever made was blasted for the entire world to see and judge?" Do these mistakes define the kind of person you would say you really are? No. So what gives us the right to do so towards people we don't know? – I remember starting to act out every second I could because growing up my dad was physically & verbally abusing me since I was 2…not exaggerating, 2 years old – 16. Growing up in a household where your dad has a short temper was one of the hardest things I've ever had to endure. Now, I had every right in the world to act out and do stupid stuff that frankly nobody would have judged me for it. But it's not a life I wanted to take on. I forgave my dad and moved on with my life! I've been trying to change ever since. – Now, take a min and think about everyone you have ever judged, wrote a snarky comment at, and called dumb or stupid. We don't know why certain people do certain thing. We don't know what they are going through and where their story started! So, instead of judging.. why don't we lift them up in prayer and send encouragement their way? – I'm calling everyone out!! Stop hiding behind your pathetic little screens and judging everyone else when you arnt even close to perfect either. Just because you don't mess up in certain areas of you're life, doesn't give you any right at all to judge! Period! We are all human and need to strive on becoming better. Now let's go and change someone's life with love! #stopcyberbullying

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Goin live tonight 9pm ???? @ownthelight

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As Hollywood Life noted, the photo shoot was quite popular with fans and garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and shares.

“It’s obvious that Danielle Bregoli is a beautiful young woman, even if her shocking behavior is straight up hideous. However, the 13-year-old showed just how pretty she can be when she puts a hold on the swearing, car-stealing, and audience-fighting to get all dressed up for a new photo shoot on Feb. 21.

“For the fashion shoot, the ‘cash me outside’ girl tried on a lovely light-blue contour dress with a striped crew-neck and a pair of clean white sneakers. The look is definitely more ‘tennis’ and less ‘alley fight’ and we’re getting major Spring style inspo from the look.”

It’s not clear how much longer Danielle Bregoli will be in the spotlight for her “Cash me outside” fame, but at $40,000 per appearance, she’s doing everything she can to make the most of it.

[Featured Image by Danielle Bregoli/Instagram]