Selena Gomez Not Worried The Weeknd Will Cheat On Tour: Her Reason Revealed

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Selena Gomez isn’t worried about The Weeknd being around other women while he’s on tour, it has been reported.

Gomez, who has been seeing the 27-year-old since December, trusts her boyfriend with all her heart, having previously told friends and family that she shares a bond that’s very different than to the one she shared with previous boyfriends.

According to Hollywood Life, Selena and The Weeknd are both heads over heels in love with one another. It’s not that Gomez is never going to see her man while he’s on tour — they’ll be reunited for dozens of tour dates that Selena has already emptied her schedule for.

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But even if she was not to see The Weeknd while he was traveling the world with women throwing themselves at him, sources say that Selena Gomez has enough trust in him to know that the “Starboy’ hitmaker would remain faithful by all means.

Since The Weeknd headed to Europe earlier this month, Selena has continued to stay in touch with her beau through phone calls and FaceTiming, all of which has reportedly worked really well for the couple so far.

“They do it all, text, call and send pictures and video chat. They do the whole thing. They are always a moment away from each other and they make it very easy to get a hold of one another,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

In recent weeks, sources have revealed that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd completely trust one another — even when spending some time apart. It was just last month when it was claimed that the “Can’t Feel My Face” singer was planning to introduce his new girlfriend to his family, convinced that he’ll spend the rest of his life with the former Disney Channel star.

While Selena Gomez has faced trust issues with boyfriends in the past, she sees The Weeknd as someone that wouldn’t want to abuse her trust. He respects what they have going on between one another, and because of the supposed fact that he wants to remain committed to the relationship, Gomez has no reason not to believe that what her beau has told her is anything but the truth.

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“Trust is paramount to Selena and she has zero negative thoughts on anything weird happening. She has complete trust in him because she wants him to feel the same way about her,” the insider continued to add.

According to multiple sources, Selena Gomez will be joining her man on several dates of his world tour while she finished up her forthcoming album. It’s unclear whether or not Selena plans on releasing the record later this year, but from what has been gathered, Gomez has definitely been keeping herself busy in the studio and is close to finalizing the project.

Rumors concerning Selena’s new album has led excited fans to believe that the 24-year-old will most likely be collaborating with The Weeknd on one of the songs she plans to release in the following months.

Gomez’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber branded her relationship as fake, stressing that the romance was a publicity stunt for the couple to boost their careers, according to TMZ. Justin is certain that a song is going to come out of Selena Gomez’s supposed “showmance” with The Weeknd, and it won’t be long before they break up soon after, a source tells the outlet.

What do you make of Selena Gomez’s relationship with The Weeknd? Can you see Selena and her man making it until the end of the year, or do you side with Justin, who claims that the romance is nothing more than a PR stunt?

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