'The Crown' Season 2 Cast: Which Characters Are Returning For Netflix's Royal Drama?

Netflix received a good deal of critical acclaim back in November for its latest original series, The Crown. The biopic drama documents the early years of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, played by Claire Foy and her husband Prince Phillip, played by Matt Smith. Shortly following the release of the incredibly successful first series, Netflix confirmed that The Crown will be returning for a second season next year, but which cast members will reprise their characters in that upcoming second season?

Please note: the following article contains spoilers for The Crown Season 1, and potentially Season 2.

According to the Express, the show's two leading stars have already confirmed that they'll be returning for Season 2. Claire Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth herself and Matt Smith, who plays her husband Prince Phillip, will star in at least the next season of the Netflix drama. However, with Netflix planning to document the entirety of Queen Elizabeth's reign, Foy and Smith are expected to be replaced with older actors in Season 3, as the series moves onto documenting the latter part of Queen Elizabeth's reign.

That being said, Season 2 is poised to pick up exactly where Season 1 finished, with a feud between the couple and Philip sent to Australia. In fact, Netflix has already confirmed that the second run of the show will take place between 1955 and 1965 - so it's to be expected that producers will introduce a number of new characters within that period.

The show's producers have also confirmed that fan favorite character Princess Margaret, played by Vanessa Kirby, will also be making a return in Season 2. If history is to be believed, Season 2 will see Princess Margaret fall in love with and marry Antony Armstrong-Jones. However, Netflix is yet to confirm who has been cast to play Armstrong-Jones. Season 1 also saw Princess Margaret's split from Group Captain Peter Townsend, suggesting that Ben Miles' character won't be returning for Season 2.

Kirby confirmed the return of her character, saying, "She meets Antony and she goes head first into a completely new, exciting, dangerous, volatile, dysfunctional relationship and then marriage." Antony's appearance in the series will introduce Princess Margaret to a whole new world of Hollywood stars.


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The various prime ministers of the United Kingdom who have served during Queen Elizabeth II's reign are also expected to once again play prominently in Season 2. Netflix has already confirmed that John Lithgow and Jeremy Northam will reprise their roles as Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden, respectively. However, the period between 1955 and 1965 saw a number of changes in the leadership of the British government, with new actors expected to be cast to play Harold Macmillan, Alec Douglas-Home and Harold Wilson.

As aforementioned, Foy and Smith's tenure as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip is expected to come to an end following The Crown Season 2. The show's producers have already confirmed plans to replace the entire cast for Season 3 and 4, as the series documents the Royal Family throughout the 1970s and 1980s. What's more, the cast is expected to be replaced once again for Season 5 and 6, when The Crown moves into documenting the Royal Family in the new millennium.

So when will The Crown return for Season 2? According to the Radio Times, Foy and Smith have already begun rehearsing for another eight-month shoot. With that in mind, it's safe to assume that Netflix plans to turn around another 10-episode run of the series in time for November 2017.

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