Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Left Inside Burning Hotel As Managers Evacuate, ELF Upset

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun faced another life-threatening situation when he was left inside a burning hotel as his managers and staff evacuated to a safe place, allegedly in Starbucks. Avid fans of the K-Pop idol were upset about the said incident, expressing utmost dismay about their irresponsibility.

According to a recent report, Kyuhyun was in Taipei for a scheduled concert when the hotel he was checked in caught on fire. Apparently, the Super Junior member was so busy making preparations for the show that he did not notice a fire has broke out. Unaware of the looming danger, the singer apparently stayed inside his room and slept. He was then awakened by the smoke that got into his hotel room.

The said incident affected Kyuhyun’s performance the next day. According to reports, the singer was trying to sing “At Gwanghwamun” at the concert, but the aftermath of inhaling too much smoke caused by the fire made it difficult for him to perform. Kyuhyun tearfully apologized and explained what really transpired that made him struggle to sing live.

Super Junior fans, popularly known as E.L.F., were outraged upon hearing that Kyuhyun was left by himself inside the burning building while his managers and staff were already in a safer place. Many were quick to vent out their dismay on social media, criticizing the singer’s staff. They pointed out the irresponsibility of Kyuhyun’s staff that led him to a life-threatening situation. Fans strongly believe that Kyuhyun’s staff failed to do their job of protecting him especially in times like these.


One fan voiced out, “Seriously why did you guys even follow him there, are you tourists? Are you the artist? Kyuhyun had to get injections into his vocal chord to perform at his concert because he slept in that smoke. He was crying saying sorry while singing ‘At Gwanghwamun,’ do you know how heartbreaking that is for fans.”

E.L.F. also criticized Kyuhyun’s staff for having the guts to post a photo of them with the hashtags #SleepingAtStarbucks and #MeetingOfFireVictims, while the singer is still inside the burning building.


Outraged fans even went as far as asking SM Entertainment to fire Super Junior’s manager Park Yong Suk for his unreliability. However, Kyuhyun defended them clarifying that what happened was somehow his fault.

During his concert the following day, the Super Junior star explained that it was his decision to go back and stay inside the room despite being informed about the evacuation. He also added that the issue was just a big misunderstanding. Kyuhyun also took to Twitter and shared his side.

“I think there’s a misunderstanding over the fire in Taiwan…In short, I was with my manager & staff in my room to go through things to say at the concert and we missed the time to evacuate. Meanwhile, we had heard that the fire was taken care of and rather than going down the stairs and inhaling smoke I chose to stay in the room. Everyone except me, stayed outside for three hours after leaving under guidance from the hotel…I think the fault is mine for working when there was clearly a problem thinking that it wasn’t a big deal. I don’t want controversy happening after a good concert…have good night!”

This is not the first time that the youngest member of Super Junior was involved in a life-threatening situation. In 2007, four members of the K-Pop group (Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun) including two managers got into a car accident. Kyuhyun incurred severe injuries almost costing his life. The singer was positioned behind the driver’s seat, thus getting the most injuries from the crash. It was reported that he had a broken foot, fractured hip, broken ribs, scratches, and bruises. Kyuhyun was not able to participate in Super Junior for 4-5 months after the said accident.

[Featured Image by 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior)/Facebook]