Obama In NYC: His Charity Fights Trump As Crowds Scream His Name

America has been reeling from Trump’s first month in office, and it may not come as a surprise that when former president Barack Obama was seen in New York City, the crowd started to cheer for him with enthusiasm.

According to MSNBC, on February 24, Barack Obama was in NYC for “a surprise appearance,” and crowds were filmed outside a building where he had an appointment. ABC updated and said the Obamas were in the city to see a Broadway show called The Price.

Unlike the “crowd” that Trump said was lined up outside of the 2017 CPAC convention, according to The Hill, the Obama crowd was real, extremely excited, and were screaming his name repeatedly.

Obviously, there is a side of America that wants Obama back in office instead of Trump, but that is impossible, according to the 22nd Amendment that details limits for a president’s term in office.

In the meantime, Obama has been on vacation, and his first destination after leaving the White House on January 20 was to go to Palm Springs.

Afterward, Obama was the source of jealousy for many Americans when he spent some much-needed quality time with his family in the British Virgin Islands.

Now that he is back in the lower 48, Obama has moved into his new Washington, D.C., home, within a couple of miles from the White House.

Obama’s OFA will fight Trump.
Obama fans will fight Trump policies via his former campaign fundraiser group, OFA. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

What is surprising to some Obama fans is that he will not be returning to Chicago. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Obamas still own a home in Chicago.

Nevertheless, there will be more action from Obama in the future. On January 20, the former president left office and immediately relaunched Obama.org.

In fact, Obama plans to use it as one his home bases for his fans to announce all of his upcoming projects and give his fans suggestions about how to “give back” to their communities.

In the past, President Obama has encouraged Americans to address social issues with youth by volunteering with organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs. Obama even went as far as asking Kendrick Lamar to join him in promoting youth mentoring groups like Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper, according to Newsweek.

However, one of the reasons Americans might want Obama back is because of an upcoming fight that needs a true professional at the helm: Trump’s potentially haphazard upcoming policies.

Obama will not be on vacation forever.
Obama went on vacation immediately after leaving office, but will return to live in the Washington D.C., area. [Image by Jack Gruber-Pool/Getty Images]

On February 10, NBC announced that another Obama campaign organization, OFA, was relaunched by Obama associates to deal with the Trump Era.

On the other side of the Obama.org website and OFA will be the Trump “America First” brain trust called Trump for America Inc., and it specifically funds another organization that writes and suggest his policies.

On February 9, the Prospect blog pointed out that this new group potentially funded by Trump for America Inc., is a 501(c)(4) called the America First Policies.

Again, countering this Trump organization will be a similar group founded to promote Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign called Organizing for Action (OFA).

Naturally, as a former Harvard Law graduate, law professor, and professional constitutional law editor and writer, Obama is likely to have the upper hand in gaining supporters through the Obama Foundation and the associated group, Organizing for Action, to fight Trump policies.

It should be noted that while Obama approves of these organizations, he is not directly navigating OFA.

The overarching 2017 goal of the newly re-formed Organizing for Action is not to promote Obama or allow Obama to be in charge, but to defend legislation such as the Affordable Care Act. This group also puts a focus on growing new politicians via training grassroots organizers.

Naturally, even though Obama supporters might be fighting against Trump for a while, the former president might be focusing on family in the immediate future.

Malia Obama is getting ready to start college, but Sasha is only 15 and is still finishing her high school education at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C.

In other words, Obama already gave eight years of service to America, and now it is time to focus on family.

For fans that are looking forward to seeing their favorite president in the future, his homepage called the Office of Barack and Michelle has information about Obama’s upcoming events and other organizations that help Obama fans move forward in the Trump Era.

[Feature Image by J. Scott Applewhite – Pool/Getty Images]