WWE News: Bret Hart Says He Holds Donald Trump In ‘High Regard’

WWE News: Bret Hart Says He Holds Donald Trump In 'High Regard'

Many WWE superstars have met and worked with President Donald Trump over the years, including Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Recently, Hart sat down and spoke to Forbes about meeting Trump many years ago when the WWE held two consecutive WrestleMania events at Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casino.

The two WrestleMania events were WrestleMania IV and WrestleMania V. At the first of the events, in 1988, Bret Hart was part of the 20-man, over-the-top-rope battle royal with his tag team partner Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. In that match, Hart and Bad News Brown were the last two men in the ring and decided to split the win, but Brown attacked him from behind and won.

After the match, Bret Hart attacked Brown and broke the trophy. This was the beginning of the Hart Foundation turning into faces in the WWE. According to Bret, there was one moment in the battle royal where he took a hard turnbuckle bump.

“I do remember meeting ‘The Donald.’ He seemed to really enjoy the WrestleMania 4 battle royal. He watched me take a very hard front turnbuckle bump and it seemed to stun him that I wasn’t seriously hurt. Backstage, Trump gave me a big smile and a handshake.”

Bret Hart said that he asked Donald Trump if he could take some photos with him, along with his father, Stu Hart, and Jim Neidhart. He said that Trump accommodated him for all the photo opportunities.

WWE News: Bret Hart Says He Holds Donald Trump In 'High Regard'

What impressed Bret Hart the most was that the next year the WWE put on WrestleMania V at Trump Plaza again, and one of the first things that Donald Trump asked him was how the photos turned out from the year before.

“He offered to do another and so, yet again, we took a nice photo together. He was always nice and had a long memory. I held him in high regard.”

At WrestleMania V, Bret Hart was more successful as he and Jim Neidhart defeated Rhythm and Blues (Greg Valentine and Honky Tonk Man). Donald Trump was next in attendance at WrestleMania VII, where the Hart Foundation lost to the Nasty Boys, and WrestleMania XX, after Hart had left the WWE.

Donald Trump was actually physically involved in WrestleMania 23 when he managed Bobby Lashley in a match against Umaga. When Lashley won, Trump was allowed to shave Vince McMahon bald.

WWE News: Bret Hart Says He Holds Donald Trump In 'High Regard'

The relationship between Donald Trump and the McMahon family remained strong. During the 2016 presidential election, Vince and Linda McMahon donated $6 million to the super PAC that supported Trump. It was one-third of the total donations to the super PAC.

Linda McMahon said that the donations and support were made because Donald Trump was a loyal friend to the McMahon family. He rewarded the act of kindness by remaining loyal and President Donald Trump awarded Linda McMahon with a position in his administration as the Head of the Small Business Administration.


According to Bret Hart, this proves that the McMahon family are on the same level as everyone else when it comes to small businesses, even though they are billionaires who own one of the largest entertainment companies in the world.

“It’s also important to realize that both Linda and Vince started at the same level as everyone else when it comes to small business. With the help of Linda, hopefully we will see small business owners cut through the red tape and make it easier to operate, hire staff, create jobs, and offer new products and growth annually. With that in mind, this will send a strong message, not only to Canada but worldwide, that it is very important to help small business owners right from the start.”

President Donald Trump was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Bret Hart was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.

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