WWE News: Jeff Jarrett Says That Vince McMahon ‘Destroyed’ WCW

jeff jarrett vince mcmahon tna destroyed wcw wwe news

If there is anyone who knows about being in multiple wrestling promotions, it is Jeff Jarrett. He has wrestled for WWE, WCW, TNA, and has even owned a few of them. Jarrett was a huge part of the “Monday Night Wars” which took place between Raw and Nitro before Vince McMahon ended up buying WCW and ending the battle. It was a war that lasted for years, but when all was said and done, Double J said that Vince simply “destroyed” WCW.

The founder of Impact Wrestling is back in power and looking to rejuvenate a promotion that he even says was a “black-eye on the wrestling community” in 2016. During the “Monday Night Wars,” he was a major part of both WWE and WCW for a length of time and brought a lot to each company.

jeff jarrett vince mcmahon tna destroyed wcw wwe news

Right now, he wants to bring TNA Impact Wrestling back to wrestling prominence, but it still has to compete with the giant: WWE. Real Sports recently spoke with Jarrett about a number of topics, including his time in the ring during the ’90s and ’00s. During that time, he watched as WCW and WWE battled it out for wrestling supremacy.

When all was said and done, it was WWE that won out, and Jarrett knew exactly how Vince McMahon won the war. At the time the battle finally ended, he was asked if the final result surprised him.

“No. Oil and water, if you want to compare the two. Vince McMahon, he’s third generation, and his enormous empire, he ran it much like the territories. The buck stopped with him, he made the decisions, that’s how a company should be run. Feast or famine, right or wrong, the WWE is driven off his decision making and always has been. WCW was a corporate world. Eric Bischoff, I have a lot of respect for the guy, because he not only survived, but he thrived in a corporate environment that was so difficult to succeed in. Was he the only decision maker? Not at all. It’s a corporate entity and a publicly traded company, so it’s really not a knock on Turner and Time Warner and that organization, but that’s the reality. An entertainment property, specifically a wrestling property, you have to have a decision maker. You have to have somebody who sits on top, that is guiding the ship, that makes the decisions. They were polar opposites, and in the end, the WCW money got them in first place for a while, with Eric’s leadership and the hot talent, but in the end, Vince destroyed them.”

During his run through WWF/WWE, Jeff Jarrett was on a level much higher than many others in the company. He held the Intercontinental Title on numerous occasions and had some matches and feuds that took things to the edge of acceptable, even during the “Attitude Era.”

jeff jarrett vince mcmahon tna destroyed wcw wwe news

Despite great feuds with a number of other male superstars, one of Jarrett’s most memorable programs was with the late Chyna. It wasn’t out of the question for wrestling promotions to feature intergender matches during the “Attitude Era,” and he still thinks a lot of his bouts with Chyna.

“Obviously in that time, it was the right time. I think as a constant, it doesn’t work, and it hasn’t worked. That’s been proven over history. But in the right time, in the right circumstance, with the right talent, and in that era, Chyna was one of those characters. She was one of the real personalities that defined the Attitude Era. Stone Cold, Rock, DX – when you think of DX, I immediately think of Road Dogg, his persona just oozed that attitude, and then you look at Chyna. She was the ninth wonder of the world, and everything that went with that. The timing and the situations that we were put together, eighteen years later we’re still talking about it, so something was done right.”

Jeff Jarrett started in the wrestling world in 1986 and has performed around the world in numerous promotions. He has won tag titles, mid-card belts, and world championships in multiple companies, and now, he is the founder and power-holder for TNA Impact Wrestling.

It is a promotion that he wants to see succeed and not fall victim to the mind of Vince McMahon.

Right now, Jeff Jarrett is looking to breathe new life into a promotion that once had such promise and a good-looking future. WCW played hard and did very well against Vince McMahon’s WWF/WWE for many years and even won the war for a while before ultimately being beat and bought out. Now, Jarrett has wrestled and organized his way around the world, and his hopes are that TNA Impact Wrestling does not share WCW’s fate.

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