K.A.R.D Changes History For Coed Kpop Groups- Music Video Gets 5M Views In Days!

K.A.R.D Kpop Co-ed group with secret member

K.A.R.D just might be a game changing group in Kpop.

As Koreaboo reports the rookie co-ed kpop group is currently making waves with their music online. The music video for their most recent single, “Don’t Recall.” has passed the 5 million view mark which is impressive when you consider that the video was only released four days ago. It’s actually currently past the 7 million view mark with 7,207,351 views. The success isn’t just on YouTube. The song also made it to No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes Kpop Music chart.

The music video for their 2016 single, “Oh NaNa,” is also still doing pretty well with over 9 million views on YouTube. As Koreaboo reports, that song also did pretty well on the charts too. Soon after it’s release, the pulsating dance track made it to position No. 4 on the U.S. iTunes Kpop music chart.

This is a big deal for K.A.R.D for a couple of reasons. As Koreaboo notes, the group technically hasn’t debuted as yet. These are all “pre-debut” tracks we’re talking about here. Also, K.AR.D has not gotten a lot of promotion of musical variety shows which typically helps new kpop artists gain traction.

Also, most importantly, K.A.R.D is a co-ed group and co-ed groups tend to be pretty unsuccessful in comparison to groups consisting of only one gender.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some notable co-ed Kpop groups that have had brief brushes with fame include Urban Zakapa, Clazziquai Project, Koyote, 8Eight, and MFBTY.

But their success and fame pales in comparison to even second tier all-male, or all-female group.

It looks like K.A.R.D is changing the game where that’s concerned. For them, the co-ed lineup seems like an advantage rather than a disadvantage. As All Kpop reports, the group talked about all of the success they’re having this early in their Kpop careers in a recent interview.

“We didn’t even think about, but we would like to thank everyone for supporting KARD.” group member B.M said.

“We want to become world stars. We’ll continue to work hard so that we aren’t just a unique rookie group but a group that can place on the Billboard charts.”

In addition to their mixed gender lineup, K.A.R.D’s other appealing factor is their musical style, K.A.R.D member, Jiwoo, said.

“The genre of music we are doing is something foreign fans enjoy. It has become more popular in Korea and I think it will become more popular as we start promoting our songs.”


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What’s interesting is that K.A.R.D wasn’t even supposed to be a co-ed group, as the article on All Kpop notes. The group was originally conceived as a hip-hop duo consisting of the two male members B.M and J.Seph. But those plans were scrapped when the agency behind the group, DSP Media, decided to add the two female members.

During the interview, J.Seph admitted that he didn’t like the idea of having two girls in the group at first but that he eventually came around to it. The co-ed factor helps broaden their appeal to a wide range of fans, he added.

So, what can we look forward to next from K.A.R.D? A single and maybe a world tour, it looks like.

“We would like to have a world tour,” B.M added.

“We are currently working hard on our third song, please look forward to our next project.”

Do you think that K.A.R.D’s success will stand the test of time. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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