How Kate Middleton And Prince William Send A Message By Not Holding Hands?

Why Kate and Prince William Don't Hold Hands Often In Public

When Kate Middleton and Prince William are out in public together, they are not a a couple who display very much PDA. They are rarely caught on camera holding hands, cites a new report. There’s a reason that Kate and William don’t hold hands, according to a U.K. body language expert, and that reason is extremely simple and also very noble. No, it has nothing to do with germs.

As the Independent suggests, there’s no doubt that Kate and Prince William are still smitten with each other after quite a few years together, but that is seen in other ways rather than the two having to make physical contact in public. Just their facial expressions alone tell a tale you couldn’t make up, suggests experts in the body language field.

What William and Kate feel for each other is described by experts in body language as being seen in fleeting glances, the laughter that they share together, and the mutual respect demonstrated between the two, which is reported on the Daily Mail. In the majority of the social media pictures that are seen in this article, you can see the type of interaction shared by Kate and William when out in public.

Robin Kermode, who is a body language expert and founder of a communications coaching company in the U.K., explains the reasons behind the lack of PDA between Kate and Prince William. Many folks probably didn’t even realize that Kate and William rarely hold hands while they are out in public, but with this latest report you will learn that they don’t.

Kermode reports that this lack of hand holding is a cue taken from the queen. While there is no official protocol that dictates that hand holding is not something you do in public as a royal, it is still not something the royals do because of a precedent set by the queen.

There’s more to behaving as a royal than what is written on paper or printed in books. Royal offspring aren’t brought up with a library filled of pamphlets citing the do’s and don’t’s for royals. Much of what is learned is done from modeling, and since the queen and Prince Edward do not hold hands in public, it has trickled down through the generations, reports Kermode.

This type of modeling is done in every family as parents teach through modeling even if they don’t realize they are doing this. Through modeling kids learn love, gratitude, affection, honesty, and all the other virtues by watching what their parents or caretakers do, which is cited in a study from the Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Development.

Much like how baby animals learn survival methods from their mothers, the same goes on across the many species. Each family is a little different than the next, but some of what is seen today in your own family has been passed down through the generations. This is what is going on with the royal family when it comes to showing public affection.

The queen has not laid down the rule when it comes to holding hands while in the public eye, but she’s modeled this all her married life and Kate and William have followed suit. Celebrity couples are seen holding hands and mugging it up in public all the time, but that is not how Kate and William operate.

Kermode explains that Kate and William are an “emotionally close couple,” which is reported in the New Zealand Herald. It is because the couple is so close that “they do not seem to feel the need to prove their love – particularly when on official state business,” reports Kermode. He goes on to say that Kate and William “do not feel the need to ‘show’ their love for each other to the world.”

When they are out in the public, Kate and William need to be mindful of how they look, their facial expressions, what they say, and even how they say it, much like any other public figure. This is a couple confident enough in their relationship that they don’t have a need to put on a show of affection for each other to tie off the public package nicely. They don’t send out messages via PDA as other celebrity couples do, suggests Kermode.

He uses the example of public figures holding hands in public to convey a message. When they are “on duty or on show,” many public figure couples send out the message that “we are still a couple despite everything.” This is a great tactic to use to disband rumors floating around online or in the headlines.

Kermode says, “We have seen this gesture from politicians and celebrities who have had marital problems; they grab their partner’s hand in a bid to prove that things are fine.” As another example of how just the touch of a hand sends out a message, Kemode uses Donald Trump.

When Trump is shaking hands with world leaders lately, this body language expert claims Trump is holding on to those hands after a handshake “too long.” This is Trump taking advantage of the situation to “maximize photo opportunities,” claims Kermode. He said that “you can see people literally trying to pull their hands away.” He concludes with saying that Trump’s type of strategy is not anything Kate and William are remotely familiar with.

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