Blake Shelton And Adam Levine Leaving ‘The Voice’ Following Season 12?

The Voice has seen its share of stars come and go in its eleven seasons on the air. With Season 12 premiering in a few days, coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine discussed who they would nominate to take their places if they ever left the show.

According to Yahoo, Levine and Shelton have never missed a season. While they haven’t revealed their plans, Levine admitted that he would never take a break unless the show is canceled. Levine explained that he’s just too competitive to take a season off, and Gwen Stefani couldn’t agree more.

“Adam is the most competitive person I’ve ever met in my life,” Stefani shared. “He can’t help it. He’s passionate. And that’s probably why he’s made it this far in life.”

If Levine ever changes his mind and leaves the hit singing competition, he believes there are two guys that would be good replacements. Levine revealed that Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake would be great substitutions. Of course, it doesn’t sound like Levine is willing to leave anytime soon.

As far as Shelton is concerned, he had a little more trouble settling on a suitable replacement. While he mulled the question over, Alicia Keys suggested that Chris Stapleton could fill in. Unfortunately, Shelton doesn’t believe Stapleton would be a good fit.

“I don’t know about Chris,” he stated. “Chris is too nice. Chris is a nice, friendly, shy guy. We need somebody that’s, like, going to come in swinging. So I’m gonna say David Lee Roth!”

Shelton and Levine’s comments sparked some heated debates amongst fans. In fact, Inquisitr has previously reported that many fans expressed their disapproval of the notion of the veteran coaches leaving the show.

“@NBCTheVoice if Adam and Blake leave because Miley is back in Season 13 I will not be watching anymore,” one irate fan wrote on social media.

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Producers have already revealed that Cyrus will return next season. It isn’t clear who will step down to make room for Cyrus, but there’s a chance it will be Blake Shelton or Adam Levine. If fans have their way, however, both men are staying put for the foreseeable future.

“@NBCTheVoice Please definitively stomp the Adam & Blake quitting rumors,” one fan shared. “No one would watch [without] them. Need clear statement from the network!”

Network executives have not said whether or not Levine and Shelton will be a part of Season 13. While their future remains uncertain, fans will see them competing against each other in the upcoming season.

In the meantime, Rare Country is reporting that Shelton recently shared some heartfelt words at Levine’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony. Shelton and Levine have always had a playful rivalry on the show, but in real life, the two are best friends.

In his speech, Shelton admitted that he never thought Levine and him would grow to be friends. “If you would have told me that this guy would end up being one of my best friends, I would have called you crazy,” Shelton said. “But I have seen a lot of ups and downs, and I have never had a more honest and loyal friend than Adam Levine through my personal journey.”

Shelton went on to say that he loved Levine and that he was proud of his accomplishments. For her part, Stefani shared a few pics from the event on social media, including several shots of Levine and Shelton on stage with a large heart drawn over them.

At the same time, Rare Country is reporting that Levine and Shelton kept their rivalry alive when they both sent presents to Ellen DeGeneres on Valentine’s Day. In fact, when Levine stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show, he was adamant that his present was better. Of course, it didn’t take long before Shelton hit back on social media and called Levine out for lying.

Season 12 of The Voice is set to premiere on NBC February 17.

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