Ivanka Trump Reportedly Got Her Father Donald Trump To Change Executive Order

Ivanka and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has been putting out various executive orders since he took office, but it seems his daughter Ivanka Trump has had a big role in changing a few parts of one of them. While Ivanka Trump holds no role officially in her father’s cabinet or team, she has been a moderator of sorts and has appeared at various meetings involving her father. Many assume Ivanka may eventually be given a role, but some believe that to not be true due to her role in her father’s business.

Despite this, she has influenced two deals involving climate change and LGBT rights according to the Wall Street Journal. Donald Trump has mentioned a few times now that he is willing to look over some of the Obama-era policies to see if they fit in his administration. This was especially true regarding environment protections, which encouraged a number of people.

Ivanka Trump may have played a role in a recent executive order that would have gone against climate change involving the global climate deal that was signed in Paris, which includes over 200 countries. The Journal claims…

Trump Family

“At the request of President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his wife, Ivanka Trump, language critical of a global climate deal was struck from an executive order that Mr. Trump is planning to sign soon, according to multiple people familiar with the move. The executive order, which targets Mr. Obama’s broad climate agenda, now includes no mention of the climate deal, which nearly 200 nations struck in Paris in 2015.”

Many have been worried about what Donald Trump might do with the environment, and of course, the Paris deal struck during the Obama administration that truthfully united most of the world on climate change. Ivanka Trump helping her father make decisions on climate change and LGBT issues may be good or bad for the Trump administration. This is all on, of course, which side of the fence you’re on regarding the issues Ivanka helps with.

This is not where Ivanka and husband Jared stop when it comes to influencing Donald Trump — they also helped Trump with killing a proposed executive order that would have gone against LGBT protection, according to the New York Times. The Times called the pair “the two most influential social liberals in President Trump’s inner circle.”

Ivanka Trump and her husband have been silent recently, however. This after Trump revoked protections allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their perceived gender this past week. This means that while Ivanka Trump may have her father’s ear, his advisers do as well — if not more so these days. Clearly, Donald Trump respects Ivanka and is willing to listen to her on various social issues, enough to even change up some executive orders that would have gone against two major things.

Ivanka Trump

However, if Donald Trump is willing to go in another direction from his daughter on transgender material, he may also end up doing it more regarding climate change as well other social topics, such as women’s rights. It does seem that despite this, Ivanka will have role of sorts in her father’s administration, although untitled. Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about Ivanka’s actual role if any, that she has within the administration. Spicer told the media the following.

“I think her role is to be helpful and provide input on a variety of areas that she has deep, passionate concerns about, especially in the area of women in the workforce and empowering women. She is someone who has a lot of expertise and wants to offer that, especially in the area of trying to help women.”

It will be interesting to see how large an impact Ivanka Trump has on her father’s administration. It may be small or large over the years, but if by chance Donald Trump has changed up executive orders at the request of his daughter already, he may do it again in the future.

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