Kenya Moore’s Abusive Relationship: What Matt Is Lying About Now!

Kenya Moore may have given Matt Jordan a second chance when it comes to their relationship while filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but it sounds like his violent outburst was enough for her to dump him. On Sunday's episode of the show, Kenya confronted him with his angry outbursts and asked him why he kicked in her garage door. While Matt had no problem showing up at her home, he wasn't happy about the Bravo cameras being there, and he asked her why they were there when he arrived. He clearly wasn't happy about Moore filming the show and exposing his behavior.

According to a new Bravo report, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she and Matt are no longer together, but Jordan is milking his time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for all it's worth. As Kenya explains, it was emotional for her to confront him about his anger issues and ask him why he flipped out while filming the show. And Kenya was surprised that Bravo caught her conversation with the producers, as the producers rarely include these raw clips on the show.

"It was a very emotionally draining day. I know what I've lived through with him. I just wanted him to admit to his illness and have an honest conversation about getting help. I have been the most honest and raw this season that I have ever been, and there is NEVER an excuse for violence," Kenya Moore writes in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, sharing that she hadn't planned on the day turning out like this.

When Matt called and begged her for a second chance, Moore had already made up her mind about their relationship. She was shocked that he would kick in the garage door on the home that his girlfriend had built - and that he had helped her with. Kenya explained on the show that he had come home drunk and he was uncontrollable. And it sounds like Jordan's action is making Kenya regret giving him the time of day to even deal with these emotions.

"Matt is now saying he's an actor among other ridiculous claims...another example of his abusive ways. Since these scenes were filmed months ago, the viewers will see me struggling with Matt on what is the right choice for me. I have done a lot of things in my life I am ashamed of, but I am most ashamed at myself for staying with this man and for letting down the women and young girls that look up to me. It doesn't compare to the inner struggle I have had with myself," Kenya Moore explains in her Bravo blog, sharing that they have definitely broken up since the show wrapped.

Since this just happened on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore will continue to debate whether this is the right decision for her. But it sounds like she has moved on. Moore has revealed that she's dating a younger man these days and she's trying to figure out whether he's mature enough to start a family with her, as she still wants to have a baby. One thing is for sure, though - Matt isn't that guy.

"Thank you for all your well wishes, prayers, and love. To the women who are in relationships where they feel afraid, threatened, or intimidated on any level at any time, leave and never look back," Kenya Moore explains, thanking her fans for being supportive of her and encouraging her to break things off with Matt.

What do you think of Kenya Moore's comments about Matt lying, saying that he's now an actor?

[Featured Image by Kris Connor/Getty Images for Global Citizen]