Donald Trump Will Get Impeached Claims Expert Who Predicted His Shocking Win

University professor Allan Lichtman was one of the few people who accurately predicted Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the recent presidential race. Now, that same professor is predicting Trump will get impeached before his four-year term is up.

Time is reporting that Lichtman, who teaches at American University, has been right about every presidential election for the past thirty years. Lichtman uses a number of different keys to make his predictions and believes that it’s only a matter of time before Trump is impeached.

“Now, he focuses on the 45th President of the United States and his next forecast, that it is not a question of if President Trump will be impeached, but a question of when,” Shelby Meizlik, a spokeswoman for HarperCollins, explained in a recent statement.

Lichtman will make his argument in his new book, The Case for Impeachment. In the book, Lichtman explains that Trump’s controversial ties with Russia and possible conflicts of interests tied to his businesses will get him impeached. In fact, Lichtman made the same kind of prediction before Trump won the general election.

“I’m going to make another prediction… This one is not based on a system; it’s just my gut. They don’t want Trump as President, because they can’t control him. He’s unpredictable. They’d love to have Pence — an absolutely down-the-line, conservative, controllable Republican. And I’m quite certain Trump will give someone grounds for impeachment, either by doing something that endangers national security or because it helps his pocketbook.”

Lichtman isn’t the only one who believes in Trump’s imminent impeachment. Us Magazine is reporting that odds makers upped the chances that Trump won’t make it through his first term. The odds of impeachment are currently at around fifty-two percent.

Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Donald Trump has already faced a lot of heat since taking office in January. Between his Russian ties and outspoken nature, many believe that Trump will either get impeached or resign on his own accord. The House of Representatives has impeached two presidents in its history: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

In 1974, Richard Nixon was on the verge of impeachment talks when he decided to resign following the Watergate scandal. That means an impeachment for Trump would make history if the Senate agreed and stripped him of the title.

But is there any legal ground for impeaching Trump? Legal historians James C. Nelson and John Bonifaz believe that Trump has already violated several areas of the U.S. Constitution, especially when it comes to his business.

Trump’s organization has done business with a number of different countries around the world, including Azerbaijan, Argentina, Brazil, Bermuda, Canada, Egypt, China, Georgia, Indonesia, India, Panama, Israel, Philippines, Russia, Qatar, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. This puts Trump in an awkward position as President of the U.S., and he could easily violate the emoluments clause in the Constitution by accepting “any present, emolument, office or title, of any kind whatsoever, from any king, prince or foreign state.”

Donald Trump's presidency has been frought with controversy since the day he took office. [Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]

That being said, Politico reports that Democrats aren’t rushing impeachment charges, at least not yet. Instead, party leaders are trying to avoid impeachment talks until they have solid evidence that would put Trump in the hot seat. The last thing they want to do is move forward without having all the information at their disposal.

Whether or not this gives Trump a few more months or years in office is yet to be seen. Either way, it seems like Trump’s days as president are numbered.

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